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Policies to Fuel India's Growth August 08, 2011

India has been one of the most astonishing growth stories in the world of business. At the turn of the 21st century, India has gradually made its presence felt on the world map with increasing trade. India has become the face of emerging economies and has grown in leaps and bounces in every field. However, India now has to revise its policies so as to adapt to the newer strategies to make sure that it not only continues its progress but also reduces the gap between the poor and rich. Some of the policies which need to be implemented are discussed below :


Impact of Downgrading of US Credit Rating August 06, 2011

Just when things were looking good post 2008 worldwide recession, we heard yet another news which was capable of pulling us back to the dark days of 2008. For the first time since 1917, Standard and Poor has downgraded the rating of USA from AAA to AA+. With the speculation of yet another round of recession in US, this news could result in mayhem in the stock markets across the world in the coming weeks. So what exactly are the implications of such a move and whether we are really heading for another round of recession. The experts have for long speculating of a double dip recession for months and this move could just be a signal for that.


Luring Foreign Investments in the Indian infrastructure Sector August 05, 2011

India has been one of most powerful emerging economies. India has made inroads in all sectors varying from agriculture to IT to manufacturing. India has unique mix of companies which are equally important as they are either from the public sector or the private sector. According to estimates, at the rate with which India is progressing, the infrastructure requirements in India would soon cost more than $1 trillion. Thus the government has decided to be more open and allow more foreign investments and funds to the Indian capital markets and contribute to the infrastructure sector.


Chief Financial Officer CFO- Managing Money Matters August 04, 2011

The aim of every organization is to make profits. No matter what the industry scenario, no matter how much is the demand, no matter what is the economic position of that industry, the stakeholders and employees of an organization always strive to get more money. But in this world of cut throat competition, generating revenue is easier said than done. This is where one of the most pivotal figures in an organizational hierarchy has the most important role to play. And that is the position of the Chief Financial Officer or CFO.


Gold Loans: Concept Behind Pledging August 02, 2011

Historically Indians have had a craze for yellow metal. We have read in history books that India was plundered time and again for it's vast riches. The craze for gold still continues and we see that the gold rates have zoomed up in recent times but inspite of that people continue buying gold. Gold unlike other metal is also an excellent investment option and can also help the families in the time of need. However all this while the only option in the time of need was to sell gold but now a new concept has mushroomed in the country of availing loans with gold as a collateral.


Enron - The rise and fall of the Energy Giant July 28, 2011

Enron, once a well known American energy company and a darling of investors had to eventually file for bankruptcy and wind up its operations across the globe. The rise of this company was meteoric and so was the downfall. Not only it went down but it also took along with it one of the top five auditing companies of the world. When it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy it was one of the biggest in corporate history which was bettered only by WorldCom a few months later. So we try to analyse the great rise and fall of this energy giant.


Emerging Economies - Gaining global supremacy July 26, 2011

The twentieth century saw the world being divided into two distinct parts- the developed countries and the underdeveloped or developing countries. Industries, business, progress was confined to only a few economies as they had the financial strength, the knowledge and the man power to take them on a progressive path. The industrial revolution benefitted only a few countries and the rest of the world struggled for mere existence. However, the scenario completely changed in the beginning of the 21st century. With more FDI's in developing countries, liberal policies, booming industrial growth and skilled workforce, the emerging economies have become a force which the developed super powers cannot ignore.