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Finance articles section focuses on various concepts of finance like budget, stock market and economics of various products & services. Apart from these articles on global financial institutions, different banking systems and topics of international importance in the field of finance are present.

Formula 1 Group : Behind the Scenes ! March 24, 2011

Glamour and Sports industry have always been in the forefront in terms of attracting massive viewership single-handedly. Now when these two come together the outcome would surely be one successful enterprise. Two such entities that come to our mind when we think of combination of Sports and Glamour are IPL and Formula 1.


Earthquake effect on Japanese Economy March 20, 2011

Earthquake and subsequent devastating tsunami has left deep scars on Japan.  The economics of natural disaster is very difficult to write as there are thousands of people who have lost their lives. Writing about economics becomes insensitive but unemotional and rational economic facts suggest that this disaster will have significant effect on Japanese economy.  With impending nuclear disaster looming large, the extent of economic damage is uncertain. The Japanese would have to rise together but it wont be easy.


Middle East Crisis and Rising Oil Prices March 12, 2011

It is a flat world where events do not occur in isolation. What happens in part of the world has its ripple effect in other part of the part. The free flow of capital goods and services across the borders has resulted in unprecedented growth of world economy particularly in Asian economies.  As the unrest spreads among Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Bahrain, world economy which was seeing signs of improving sentiments, has again adopted a very cautious approach. The main reason of this grim situation is the rising oil prices which have already touched $115 per barrel. The region provides 35% of the world’s oil. Libya produces 1.7m of the world’s 88m barrels a day. Egypt which was first country when unrest began can have considerable effect on the trading activity in that region.


Indian Railway Budget 2011-2012 Analysis March 02, 2011

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In India apart from the general budget, like the Union Budget 2011, there is yet another budget read out in the floor of the parliament. It is that of the Indian Railways. The concept of presenting the rail budget started in the year 1924 only because back then it formed one third of the general budget. It did require a dedicated budget then but we have still continued with the tradition of presenting the rail budget every year since then. However over the years though the reason why it was established has diminished, but there still continues to be a separate budget for it. The reason varies from railways being one of the largest state run enterprises touching the lives of millions of people of the country to it being a politically lucrative portfolio in the government.


Union Budget for India 2011-2012-The Salient Features February 28, 2011

After every year, the most awaited policy which catches the eye of every citizen of India, has again created the hysteria and buzz it always creates. Every citizen eagerly awaits for the one policy that will guide their lifestyle and that is the Budget.

The budget 2011 aims is to sustain and improve growth rate, get it to 9 percent in the near term and to a double digit rate in the medium to longer term. The two areas of focus are Infrastructure development especially in Rural India.  Budgets looks to reduce inflation reduce current account deficit and increase fiscal consolidation.  As the Budget sets a lower deficit and net borrowing target, it is not expansionary, and does not conflict with the Reserve Bank of India’s measures to tame inflation. The Railway Budget of 2011 also aims to benefit the common man.


Debentures - The Debt Instruments February 27, 2011

In the financial world, investors are usually on the lookout of regular fixed income on their investments. Here in this article we would try to analyze one such commonly heard fixed income instrument by the name Debenture. Often in the newspapers we can see the terms debentures and bonds used in the same context. So what exactly do these two terms mean. They are basically fixed income instruments used by the borrowers who wish to raise capital for the business purposes.


India vs China : The Hard Facts ! February 16, 2011


Both India and China are one of the fastest growing nations in the world and both of them are among the diverse nations of the world. Their economies are influenced by number of social, political, economic factors.  If we look at the basic facts economy of china is more developed than India.