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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 03, 2015

Ever thought of how the organization you want to work with should be like? Or why a particular company is desirable to be worked with? Or what is it that pulls you towards an organization, makes you work happily those extra hours, if needed? Well, that train of thoughts makes its halt at the term called “Employer Branding”.

If you look up the internet, you would find umpteen number of definitions for Employer Branding. Wikipedia tags it as ‘an organization’s reputation as an employer’. Well, it basically deals with an all-inclusive recruitment strategy that positions one’s company in an eye-catchy way. Having said that, it is certainly not just another advertising campaign to build up a brand name while developing a catchy tagline! It is a long term vision that comprehends the core values and behaviours which define what employers expect of their employees and vice versa.

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Planning, Creating and Deploying

For an organization, it all boils down to building up its Employer Value Proposition (EVP) because EVP, in simple words, is the promise you make to your current and future employees. While a company is busy devising its employer branding strategy, it must ensure at the back of its mind that it has clear factual points supporting its message and that it is in line with its overall corporate brand – in consistency with its core values.

Bob Kelleher, a renowned Employee Engagement Speaker, always refers to the one thing that is common to Apple, BMW and Southwest Airlines - they are all exceptional at linking employment and product brand. Apple hires the most creative people, BMW hires people who are the driving enthusiasts, while, Southwest Airlines hires people who have “fun” in their DNA!![1]

The Whys and Wherefores

With the population ageing, retirements in colossal numbers, and fewer graduates with the right skills entering the workforce, companies will scuffle to find the right fit for the hard-to-fill positions. This calls for a complete shift in the way employers approach their hiring methods.

Long gone are the days of organic growth wherein an organization posts a job and waits for candidates to apply. Today, companies must become the first choice in order to recruit and retain the bright candidates – and this is exactly where employer branding comes in! It is about delivering a compelling and authentic experience to candidates, more importantly, at the same time.

Breaking the Myth

One of the most common myths associated with employer branding is that it appears to be just as a typical wish list of how the company would like to be perceived but in reality, there’s more to it. For example, promoting “work-life balance” as a significant benefit to entice candidates is no doubt a great idea, but if the organization doesn’t have the right programs in the right place in the right discipline, the message won’t be credible and would eventually lead to undesirable consequences, sully the reputation of the already existent brand image of the company, to start with.

This article has been authored by Rohan Shukla from Goa Institute of Management


[1] Kelleher Bob, Why Employer Branding Matters Now More than Ever

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