What is a True Purpose of being an HR Professional

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 01, 2015

Importance of HR in Management Context is quite average and myths driven. Large chunk of people look at HR as a department from where zero amount of contribution comes up as this department does not generate any reviews.

Whenever I listen to such responses and flawed arguments, I feel deeply agitated for this huge ignorance and misconception. Today while writing this article I am making a genuine attempt to remove such kind of perceptions and beliefs and try to convey some hidden or scattered thoughts behind HR profession. My task will be completed even if I can change mind set of a single person and can motivate aspiring management students to opt for HR.

Marketing orientation and HR perspective

Today’s management orientation is much focused towards marketing. Majority of young B-school professional if asked about any management situation or case, always talks about marketing and look for answers in Marketing. Now consider the approach this way, what is the true purpose of marketing? Or par say what is marketing? It is the process of identifying consumer needs and satisfying them for profit of the company. Now look at the two broad parts of this definition “consumer needs” and “satisfaction” these two things propels us to think in other direction. And here comes the most important factor the HR perspective. If we are saying that we need to understand consumer needs, for which we have to understand consumer itself and consumer is a human being like us. Now consider the fact here that to understand any human being we need to understand our self and HR perspective helps us to do that. Hence marketing orientation and HR perspective is a tool which can help current managers as well as professionals who are aspiring to become managers to conquer contemporary issues in management.

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If we look deeper into HR perspective it suggests us to perform analysis of true self and then understand the person in front of us. This is the aspect well covered in emotional intelligence and empathy. Now here exists the most important task i.e. to understand one self!! It is difficult thing and requires perseverance and great efforts to acquire this.

Total quality person (TQP)

Here we can implement the concept of TQP (Total quality Person) on the lines of TQM (Total quality management) which emphasis on the fact that we need to become TQP before going to understand needs and situations of others. In order to become TQP following things can be wonderfully applied.

Character is the aspect which creates likability and feeling of respect for one if successfully applied. Integrity (what we say, we must perform) builds the high quality trust for the person. Humbleness (vinamrata) is another front on which one must stick always. Humbleness teaches us to learn throughout our lives because learning is the never ending process and helps us to know the truth!! Even said by M.K.Gandhi “ The seeker after truth should be humbler than dust . The world crushes the dust under its feet, but the seeker after truth so humble himself that even the dust could crush him. Only then and till then he will be able to know the truth”

Positive Attitude does not require any much explanation as it is self explanatory. Power of optimism and hope is the driving pillars for the world always, as it is always told “count blessings not mistakes”. Another important thing which goes on missing these days is the feeling of compassion and caring “KARUNA” I am afraid without this nobody can make a attempt to understand any other person. You need to inherit these traits in order to understand the ultimate reality of other side.

Spirituality requires great understanding of oneself i.e. “self actualization” whenever we are contained in ourselves we restrict the path for self actualization and whenever we realize that who we are and towards what direction we are headed we show the qualities like “Love” , “Peace” , “Forgiveness” , “Happiness” , “Satisfaction” which are needed in the process.

The HR Mind Set

Now!! Once the task of becoming TQP is realized (though rarely but we can always try to maximize) we can move on to second step which is to acquire a HR mindset, According to me HR mindset ultimately tells us to realizing the potential of one and nurture and support it. Every individual has a “divine essence” known as “Chaitnya Shakti “in Hindi which needs to be identified and nurtured for growth. Hence TQP helps us to identify this potential and helps us to value add in someone’s life, and that is what makes this profession amazingly noble and extraordinary.

HR mindset always looks to invest in three qualities of human beings.

1. Trust

2. Empathy

3. Respect

By Trust we mean that we must have to trust employees and their capabilities, I agree that trusting blindly might inculcate negative experiences but it again is the part of experience. Trusting blindly might result bad experience 30% of the time but what about huge 70% that will wipe out all negative effects perfectly.

Empathy in this regard means “listen to understand, not to reply”, when we apply this trait we always go in right direction, which is to understand the employees better and curing their problems.

Respect is to treat every employee equally. When we do this this multiplies employee motivation 2 folds. It is not a rocket science only thing which needs to be performed here is to keep aside your ego and work with self respect this automatically will build up your power to respect others.

Not to mention these qualities (TQP) when implemented by heart always paves your way to be a good leader because a leader is highly responsible for transforming lives and value adding in them. Isn’t it so amazing that how these small traits can affect our lives drastically and significantly.

These things when combined together results into the excellent work life balance which is the prime requirement of today’s working professional. This can only be managed if we are continuously trying to value add something in lives of others and we have orientation of serving others “Sewa”.

All this must be performed without expecting anything in return because when we expect a “fear of lack” arises, which keeps on haunting us that what if I did not get anything in return. This feeling keeps us in the state of mental tension and frustration and we create a block for our self development and stop us to achieve the ultimate goal.

Hence HR Profession is not something which keeps emptying pockets of business owners but it is the noble profession which always value add in lives of employees and helps companies grow and reach to the zenith.

To sum up pure mind leads to noble thought which motivates to perform selfless actions and which performs the good results. This is the ultimate self realization and state of “Happiness” “Anand”.

This article has been authored by Vikalp Mehta from FORE School Of management New Delhi


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