Teamwork - United we Triumph

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 30, 2010

In any field, be it sports, education, politics or for that matter, management, the main objective is to always set your goals and achieve them. But no matter how good or brilliant an individual is, any task within an organization, for its successful completion, needs to be done by the team as a whole. The knowledge of an individual is important but unless it is finely tuned with the help of a team, its force is not achieved to its potential. Having people from different backgrounds, having various skills would not be valuable until they are fused together into a team, thereby maximizing their potentials. Although by definition, a group of individuals together is called as a team. But for any team to be successful, team spirit, assistance and cohesiveness is the key factor for success.




Team Work

Every organization in a competitive scenario can be compared to a football team playing a match. A football team has three main facets i.e., defense, central midfield and strikers which form the crux. Similarly in any organization, marketing, operations, finance and human resources have to mutually work together in a team. There has to be a flow of information amongst all similar to the passing game on the football field. While manufacturing and operations forms the defense of an organization, marketing spreads the business across networks with the transactions being controlled and managed by the finance wing. The Human resources team plays a pivotal role in hiring the right talent for the right job at the right time. Thus, for an organization to prosper, achieving coordination, accuracy and spontaneous cohesive decision making is pivotal. All the fields are indirectly interwoven and are always dependent on each other, and the progress of an organization is dependent on how the four pillars of management work together as a unit. The willingness of each member of the team to work together with loyalty and enthusiasm would decrease the pressure on individuals and make the objective easier to achieve.

As in a game of football, there is a united defense against competition, the midfield is the creator of the growth strategies, and the forwards create opportunities and score a goal, which is the ultimate objective. Dribbling brilliance might be beneficial for the individual, but for attaining a win, passing and coordination has to be the priority. Thus, be it a game of football, or be it any business organization, there is only one way to score a goal and win the battle- "teamwork"!


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