Personal Support - A Motivation beyond office hours

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 30, 2010

Money, position, quality of work and recognition. These are some elements which an employee needs to remain motivated day- in and day-out, to work to the best of his abilities and deliver the goods for the organization. Hard working employees are rewarded with bonuses and are further encouraged to perform better. But what are the reasons for an employee's failure? Is it just competition? Is it just inability? No.

Many times the performances of professionals are directly linked to their personal problems. Due to the burden of personal issues, an employee is unable to deliver his best. In such a situation, it should be the responsibility of the managers,colleagues and entire organization to support their fellow mate. This is because when a person in distress receives support from his peers, it helps form a formidable bond amongst them, thereby motivating him to perform better for the organization later.

Personal Support

Personal tragedies like ill-health of parents, demise of a loved one, financial problems or personal issues with spouse or partners affect the performance of an individual. Also, these days, colleagues too are sometimes emotionally involved in their office, thus making the role of senior management more pivotal. Even though these seem insignificant, they have tremendous adverse effects on the emotional state of the employee, thus resulting in loss of performance on duty. Apart from the above mentioned personal issues, there are some other factors which may also result in lack of concentration, and would need the support of seniors and peers for motivation. An individual might have personal issues within the organization, with a few colleagues which might disturb his performance. Thus, it becomes the accountability of the senior hierarchy to provide him assistance. Moreover, it might be possible that a few clients too have an unprofessional behavior towards an employee. Therefore, it becomes essential for the organization to be supportive of the employee by considering his perspective in solving the problem. This would lead to improved confidence of the employee towards his organization and would make him work harder to achieve the goals of the company.

Motivation is one such element which if present can do wonders to the self confidence and performance of an individual. But inspiration from rewards and appreciation cannot be taken beyond a level. What forms the backbone of motivation beyond everything else, is a feeling of belonging and togetherness by sharing sorrows and problems, beyond the office hours and business boundaries.

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