The Competition within: Unites or Devastates

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 30, 2010

Organizations are in a constant fight to give the best to their customers. Not only do they have to live upto the expectations of the target consumer, but they are also involved in a constant battle to be a score above their competitor in every department. Thus, the companies target the best talent in the market available to work for them. Due to this, sometimes there is competition between peers within an organization. But is this competition beneficial for the business?

Well, this can be understood on the basis on a simple black and white rule. For every event and activity there are positives and negatives, and the good and the ugly.


If within an organization, employees have a positive environment and a healthy competition exists, it brings out the best in them. Healthy competition ensures that colleagues are in the constant look out for improvement by newer and better ways of solving problems, developing skills and increasing their knowledge base. By doing so, not only do they become an asset for the organization, but they also gain command and respect amongst their peers. On the whole, healthy competition prevailing in a company benefits the employees and leads to prosperity and progress of the business.

However, the negative effects of competition within an organization can be corrosive to the company’s unity and integrity. Very often in business enterprises, a few individuals who have a command and proficiency in their field of business catch the attention of the senior hierarchy. It might so happen that the other employees too are performing to the best of their abilities, but despite that, they are a notch behind. This leads to favoritism of the progressive and brilliant professionals, and negligence of the others. Thus, an attitude of ego and jealousy comes in the picture. Such a negative atmosphere and competition is harmful for the organization, as it gradually starts making the base of bonding among fellow colleagues hollow. It creates a rift amongst the employees as some of them feel they are ill-treated and not commended even when they perform well. Such a situation, where instead of working as a team, employees look to outdo each other by negative tactics against each other, ruins the unity and affects the organization.

A small dam built with integrity and by strength of unity, has the power to withstand the mighty forces of nature. But a small rupture would cause a calamity as the entire structure would be blown away to pieces. Similarly, competition within an organization should be a binding force, so as to channelize all their energy and focus to destroy the competition outside.


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