Managerial Tips usually Forgotten by Managers

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 22, 2015

Sailing with the best sailors in the ocean through a windstorm till reaching your target, then you are a good manager. Management isn't that easy as some may think, it's complicated. So here's some managerial advice that you -as a manager- can't escape.

• Be a Role Model:-

Who is the person you really trust? Usually we trust ourselves -as no one would be happy to be wrong- but who we trust more is the people we would like to be, those who know the road and already reached the point where we are dreaming to get. What makes your subordinates follow you isn't being aggressive, it's that they do trust you, your thoughts, your vision & your decisions. And how can you build that trust? The answer is very simple just be a role model for them.


• Avoid Over & Under estimation:-

The aim from management is to reach a goal so all the shields must work effectively. you cannot imagine how under-estimating subordinate -whatever he is doing- is frustrating and how that will affect the whole machine also over estimating someone not only means motivating him but also it's a free invitation for everyone to seek that unworthy motivation or they probably may neglect doing their work. So be fair and do not follow your intuition, go for Key Performance Indicator system, it's better.


• Dream big but take Realistic Moves:-

Dreaming big has a sort of confusion. Good managers must dream big-no doubt- but they also must analyze this dream into several simple targets, into realistic moves otherwise we will be captured in our places wondering how far it is. Don't dream bigger than your capabilities and be realistic.


• Establish a well communication:-

Assuming that we all are acting to reach the same goal, why problems happen?! Why sometimes we are driven out of the track?! Probably the problems arise from misunderstanding which is a rational result of lacking communication. You must have real communication channels to get there faster.


• Have a value or lose your direction:-

Getting paid is not what makes your subordinates on the track, it is value. You have to have value and to make sure that each and every one in your team believe in it. If they are working for only money this means that they are doing nothing actually as money isn't immortal but values are.


• Be Human:-

Management -as briefed- is to get things done through others, so how will you do that while ignoring their problems?, to get the desired job involvement you have to consider their personal life, it is not wasting time as eventually subordinates are human beings -so you are- not tools. So be human or go for hiring an organizational psychologist.


• Lead the time:-

Details are like a maze. In order not to be mixed up in the tiny details you have to see the whole picture, you have to have a plan, you have to see the problems before they become problems you have to drive the bus not to be driven by the details.


• Just Listen:-

Probably a Manger is the most knowing one in the team, is the one who has the vision and always has what to say. But is not listening to what subordinates have in their mind important! Definitely it is …..


And remember that quote by Peter Drucker:-

"Management is increasingly becoming the agent of social innovation."

This article has been authored by Muhammad Ashraf from Zagazig University, Egypt

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