Employee Satisfaction at Work & with Work

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 02, 2015

In a booming era of globalization, the world and work has become too fast! In such world, people spend around 10 hours at their work. 10 hours a day and 30 years of service say that more than half of life of individual pass at the work. It has become very necessary to get such environment at work place that people at least get healthy satisfaction.

Most of the times organizations forget to keep such small satisfactory symptoms in mind. Usually management focus only on pay and expect higher productivity while the forget to focus on such small things like sitting arrangement, work place cleanliness, food and refreshment facilities, toilets, air ventilation, lightings, work equipments etc. Despite of these materialistic hard assets of organization, there are many non quantifying things which include behaviour of superiors, policies, culture, work flow etc.

Slowly and gradually these small ignorance of focus on other things tends to attrition, lower productivity, grievance, fatigue etc. Well..!! These problems are not so difficult to overcome, if management takes an open mind approach. Usually, grudges take place when the ego of upper management becomes a problem to make policies and apply. Anyhow small things can be done to improve the satisfaction amongst employees and retain the talent. Many times there is belief that employees can get satisfaction only with money. Is that so? Does salary play a big role? Well being a HR I would say “NO”.

Salary is not playing that big role as we think. Definitely it is a major aspect for individual to be focused on but not denying the fact that employees find happiness in what they do and after that what they get. Lots of small things can be done to give satisfaction to employees. For example, specious sitting arrangement, refreshments of tea and coffee at small intervals, pure drinking water, comfortable chairs, good working equipments etc will work at once. Also when employees are over loaded with work and stressed, allowing them to do activity of 5 to 10 minutes which makes them stress free without affecting others will show care for them which actually brings feeling of belongingness towards organization. Proper infrastructure is one of the attractive factor which gives satisfaction to employees.

Beyond these, concern from superior like birthday wishes, motivation when needed and appreciation for good work, friendly touch when required will definitely work much better than salary aspect. Moreover a good bonding with colleagues can add values in the satisfaction. Most satisfactory thing which will work like a magic is challenging work which gives employees to go beyond their comfort zone and allow them to develop their own abilities. Giving opportunities to employees is very much satisfactory thing an organization can give. Incentive for good work is one of the ways to give satisfaction. Incentive does not mean always a monitory incentive. Awards, perks, gifts, Certificates will also be counted in incentives. If an organization is big enough containing thousands of employees and employees get a lime light for good work, then it will also be counted as incentive.

Most of above when an employee joins an organization, he gets his identity. The identity, the dignity given by an organization affects high on individual’s life. Working with a brand automatically gives a level of satisfaction with work. Job role of individual also plays a major part in level of satisfaction. A repetitive job which has no creativity will bring down employee’s morale. Time to time change in job description will work as a cherry on cake. More on that, training on trending flow on daily basis will give a good impact too. However, if your employees are going to leave your organization only at the age of 56, it clearly shows highly satisfied organization with great productivity. The simple logic is to hire employees who have the similar objectives which match the organizational goals. Thus, such employees will eventually help the organization to achieve the organizational goal while achieving their own goals.

Now-a-days, problem of attrition is everywhere which directly points that employees need to be satisfied not only at work but with work too. Hopefully the new trending world which having adaptive approach towards ideas and policies will make a difference and will have a smooth achieving organization.

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