Even Competition has its Own Significance

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 20, 2015

It is a fact that in today’s world, people feel that there is competition in every sphere of their life. Most of the people are increasingly getting perturbed with respect to what others around them have been achieving; thereby becoming insecure about themselves. They compare themselves unnecessarily with others and start getting in sort of a race in order to prove that they are no pushovers for their so called ‘competitors’. They begin to mimic or imitate what their ‘competitors’ do; thereby not concentrating on their own interests and strengths. This behavior is seen right from the school life which continues through the college life, working life and even their social life.

This phenomenon is what these people refer to as ‘competition’; which is totally incorrect. Rather this behavior is all about nursing one’s own ego and complex. Those people who consider this behaviour to be a part of competition are misleading even others because it is said that competition takes place only between equal or similar forces. So, actually the concept of ‘competition’ has not been properly understood by most of the people who simply whine about having to face competition; which was initiated by themselves in the first place. Imitation can never become like original irrespective of efforts; similarly a person cannot make himself like any other person of whom he is trying to imitate. It is better that a person should be himself rather than trying to become like someone else.

Having said that, as mentioned earlier, competition if at all takes place, would be among equal or similarly competent and talented people. Just as every dark cloud has a silver lining, even competition has its own significance. This competition between the equals could be taken as constructive or productive competition because ultimately it would be for the better for all the concerned stakeholders.

This competition should be seen in organizations; both public as well as private (especially top and middle level), sports, political landscape, government ministries and departments, civil services, defence services and all the regulatory bodies which contribute towards nation building. Competition would play an significant role in this case because it is essential that no person working in these fields take his or her position for granted which would lead to loss of dedication towards work; resulting in inefficiency. They should always be subjected to tough competition from truly deserving competent people who if given a chance would bring in fresh ideas and novelty in their work. Because if there is no competition, then there would be autocracy and bureaucracy which could paralyze the entire system.

For example, in a sports team, whether Cricket, Hockey, Soccer or any other sport, if there is no competition from talented junior players, the established senior players would start taking their place in the team for granted; leading to loss of enthusiasm and dedication resulting in poor performance of the entire team. On the contrary, if there is stiff competition from the fringe or junior players, no team member could afford to take their place in the team for granted. They would have that pressure to perform consistently well so that they do not run the risk of being left out of the team. This ensures that every team member is accountable for his or her performance. The message to them would be basically ‘Do or Die’. This ensures that nobody in the team is complacent. The result would be that the team would always be performing to the best of its abilities; ensuring optimal performance of the team.

This same rule could be applied even in sports administration , business (especially in public organizations), political landscape (where no party is dominant enough which otherwise might result in autocracy and centralized decision making for the whole nation), government ministries and departments, civil services and defence forces.

Thus, competition plays an important role especially in a democratic nation like India where anybody worthy of competing ensures that responsibilities are not only fulfilled but also at the same time ensuring that the given authority is not misused for any purpose.


This article has been authored by Sreenivas S.Iyer, SME Rating Analyst, CRISIL

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