Challenges faced by Employers in India

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 20, 2015

It is no big secret that India has a huge population and is rich in what we call ‘Human Resource Capital’. With each passing year, lakhs of students finish their studies and become so called ‘Potential Employees’ and hope to be recruited in top companies, to start their career with the hope of fitting in to the Indian corporate sector. As such, the main concern in the minds of most students in India (as well as their parents) is whether they will get a satisfactory job once they are done with their studies, be it in any field like engineering, medicine or management. Thus, in today’s highly challenging and competitive world, these young minds are subjected to a lot of stress and the list of problems they might face is endless and we can go on and on. Unemployment is one of India’s most commonly talked about topic. But, that isn’t what this is about.

Now, the question that has presented itself in my head is,

“Are employees or students the only ones facing problems and challenges? What about employers? Aren’t they subjected to any problems at all?”

This question is rarely dwelled upon.

The problems and challenges faced by owners and employers range from starting an organization which will involve bringing together all the factors of production to making the organization flourish and stay that way for the rest of its existence. And to achieve this is no mean feat.

The initial challenge would be to gather the funds required to start a business. And provided this goes smoothly, making it a well-known sought after company is a very strenuous task to accomplish. This requires optimum utilization of financial, human and all other resources with effective guidance and supervision so as to bring out the best out of everything.

Recruiting the right person for the right job:

Companies today don’t look for recruiting individuals with good academic records, but those who have the skill and talents to cope with the present challenging work atmosphere. With high competition surging through every nook and corner of the industry, employers are forced to look for creative minds with futuristic ideas. Choosing the right person for the right job requires extra ordinary interpersonal skills to understand an applicant in the limited interview process time. This is crucial for the company to move forward in its field and bring about an image for itself. For this, right from the beginning, the owner or employer should find people who are not only talented and experienced, but also trustworthy and loyal and seek the wellbeing of the organization as much as they require themselves to succeed.

Attracting hard-to-find talent:

India has a huge population and also a great number of people who are unemployed and looking for jobs. But Companies today require, not just those who have the required qualifications, but those who have that additional skill which most lack. For a company to attract hard-to-find talent it must not only be well known but it must also offer impressive packages to employees so as to increase job satisfaction. It is not easy to recruit talented workforce. And it is very much difficult to retain these employees even in the instance that the employer finds them. Retaining hard-to-find talent is possible only when the company offers them in return as much as they offer to the company. Their talents and efforts must be matched with the remuneration and other monetary allowances and they must be motivated to work through non-monetary measures as well. These may be in the form of recognition of their hard work, awards or even promotions. All this requires the employer to be financially sound which may not be the case at all times. For well-known companies, attracting talented individuals is not a problem but recruiting the right one for the right job is. But for Companies which are not so famous, attracting talented individuals is almost impossible and will remain so. The reason behind this is obvious. The talented work force doesn’t settle for any other company, but they want to be a part of one of the best companies.

And what happens when these Talented Individuals, whom employers want in their organizations, fly abroad?

Another important aspect of the issue of not being able to find the required talent is because most of them aspire to go and work abroad. They do not wish to work in India, rather they want to work abroad where they get both exposure as well as good pay for their skills. It may also be said that, many consider the prospect of working abroad as ‘a dream’ or ‘an ambition’ which they intend to make in to reality at the first chance they get. If this is the case, then it is justified that employers face obstacles in this regard.

Training and Development of Employees:

When an employee is recruited, he requires training in order to know about the functioning of the organization, the nature of his job and also the targets he is expected to accomplish. And naturally, there will be hundreds of employees who require the initial induction training. The organization should provide training to all these newly recruited employees and must also provide trainings to existing employees regularly to keep them up with the latest techniques and ideas in the particular field. This is also a way of motivating employees to perform better. In order for the training conducted to be effective, it must be delivered in a well-planned and systematic manner. And not all trainers can do this. Employers must select the best trainers to train the employees of their organization and this again requires money.

Employers spend a fortune on training employees with the hopes that these employees will work for the betterment of the Organisation.

But, are they successful in this attempt?

It is common to find individuals jumping from one organization to another. They take up a job and then move on to another job in a matter of months and this keeps repeating. When an employer provides training, he expects the employee to give back to the company as much as he has received from it. But, practically this deal may not be fulfilled on the employee’s side. They often leave when they find better opportunities.

In addition to the issues listed above, employers in India face innumerable other problems as well. Launching a company and making it a success while facing all these difficulties is an extensive, demanding and tedious process. Not all can succeed in this process. All existing companies have faced these problems. But only some have emerged victorious. After all these challenges, many have set great examples about how a company should be run so as to make it a success. These employers who have fought through all these issues have achieved ultimate success and their names are etched in the corporate world, names which will never be forgotten.

This article has been authored by Hameetha Nasreen from VINS Christian College of Engineering


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