Detail Orientation- Observing the Finer Points

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 03, 2015

HR plays a lot of attention when they are interviewing candidates for a specific post in their organization. The onus is on the HR manager to shortlist the best candidate for the interview from the vast number of people who apply for a job. During an interview, the HR plays importance on not only the educational qualification of the candidate but also on the overall personality of the individual. This is where being “Detail-Oriented” is an important aspect of an HR’s role.


Detail Orientation is the ability of an individual to observe the minute details, gestures or features of another person to assess their personality and their ability to face certain situations. Understanding a person on the basis of finer details is an attribute that helps an individual understand the other person better.


A few things which detail-oriented people observe about other people are listed below:

1. Body Language:

One of the most important features that a detail oriented person observes is perhaps the body language. A confident person has broad wide-open shoulders, strong hand-shake, upright back and a confident eye contact. On the contrary, a person who is hesitant to speak, slouching shoulders, lazy sitting position etc can be easily identified as a low on confidence person.


2. Grammar & Language:

One very important aspect which catches the eye of a detail oriented person is the correctness of grammar and language in business emails or texts. Detail oriented people are extremely vary of the language used and are quick to notice any grammatical error in any form of written as well as verbal communication.


3. Dressing Sense

Smart, ironed, tucked-in, well groomed people always find it easy to catch the attention of a person who has a fine eye for detail. However, if a detail oriented person faces a person who doesn’t spend time of his/her appearance, comes across as a person who is too casual and irresponsible.


4. Finer details

Any project or analysis, a detail oriented person will go into the finer details every single time. Even though it is a good practice, sometimes it fails as they miss out of the broader perspective as they are too engrossed looking into the minute details.


5. Minute Observations

Another characteristic of a detailed orientation individual is their ability to remember each and every detail. From their personal space to desk to ambience, they tend to remember every detail. Even though it shows they are sharp, sometimes it becomes a hurdle as they often find it difficult to accommodate change.


Positive Traits of Detailed Oriented Individual:

A person who focuses on finer details of work often ends up exploring newer things at workplace. They are keen to study and correlate the finer points of study, which enables them to accumulate good information on how to improve business.

Good patience and a strong willpower is also another trait which detailed orientation people possess. Detail Oriented people are also a good judge of people, especially while allotting certain tasks because they understand the personalities in certain situations.


An organization is full of people of different background, diverse educational qualifications, varied cultures, religions etc. But some people who have an eye for finer details are the ones who stand out as they capture and explore various pieces of information, which other might overlook. And thus, detailed orientation in people is an essence of confidence, which companies seek in their employees.


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