Avengers - Teaming Up Together for the Goal

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 16, 2015

We all love super heroes and we love it even more when many super heroes come together for a common agenda and kick the enemy. So no doubt Avengers was a big hit bringing in Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Hawk eye and black widow together. But beyond entertainment, there was a lot of learning that Avengers offered.

Here is some of it:

1) Team management:

The best team is where people from different backgrounds come together, work together and win together. Each one of them had their unique super power and expertise and that's what made them powerful. There will be issues, but its in the best interest of everyone to overcome them eventually. The movie perfectly followed the model of team building: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Its never easy to gel-up with someone unknown and be comfortable with him/her and there will be disruptions and disturbances but eventually, you will develop understanding and settle at a level which suits you both and then your performance will be outmatching.

2) Don't break down under pressure:

There will come a time when everything will go wrong, you will find your world crashing down, but don't give up. Yes its easier said than done, but when in crisis, the brave rises. If the Avengers would have let the ark fall down after engine failure, or had they not reassembled after falling apart, we wouldn't have enjoyed the climax of the movie, nor the earth would have been saved. Things can go wrong horribly, and they will but succumbing to it is not the way out.

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3) Lead from the front:

Captain America might be boring without shield or not as flamboyant as Iron man, but he is the best leader which was evident in Captain America: The first avenger too. He is never shy of taking a stand for what he feels is correct, he identifies the strength of the team member and assign jobs accordingly (Hulk, Smash!), he leads by setting an example for others to follow and most importantly he listens to everyone. These are the qualities that sets him apart as a leader and these are the qualities that an efficient and flexible leader should adopt to lead a pack of heroes from different backgrounds.

4) Team's interest is above personal interest:

So when a Tony stark hates working for somebody, Captain finds himself out of place, Natasha has his friend turn to a dancing monkey and the world is about to face alien invasion, it is important that you keep your personal issues aside and come together as team to get the work done. No matter how many issues did Tony stark and Captain America had between them, but when the ark was falling, they came together to save it and had each other's back covered.

If we start looking at movies beyond entertainment, we can have one or the other learning from it. Avengers taught us about team building, conflict management, leadership, team work and success. Each of the super hero had something or the other to teach us, its upon us what we see and what we learn.

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