Freshers Recruitment in Companies: How to make Wise Decisions?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 02, 2015

Recruitment simply is an intake process of human resources. Through this process procurement of right person to the right job is done at the right time by evaluating needs and future prospective of the company.

Who is a fresher?

A fresher is a candidate approaching for a recruitment process without any previous work experience. He/She doesn’t have any practical experience in the field or industrial exposure. Basically he/she may be a graduate or post-graduate who have the theoretical knowledge in the subject matter. He can be considered as a newborn baby to an organization.

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What is the significance of fresher?

Any company must welcome fresh blood to make new and innovative things to happen. It aids a company to manage the retirement or resignation or rather termination. By mending and training freshers a company can assure right persons in its future needs. Company can rely on them as they get experience with the culture, goal, vision and mission of the organization.

On What basis Fresher’s Recruitment decision is to be taken?

The pillar of decision making relies on two major factors:

1) Type of job offered to the fresher-It involves job role, job description, profile type and job tenure.

2) The qualities or attributes expected from the fresher-It involves traits, attitude, behavior that are favourable.

Things to be considered while recruiting freshers

The job type and expected qualities must be equated on the following:

Age-The age of the fresher must be considered. People in freshers’s age group have some peculiarities. They may have restless conditions, they may have some infatuations or glitters, and they may strive to be self-reliant and independent. Because, more often, they are in age groups, that fall in their adolescence or youth hood.

Gender-The gender of the fresher is to be considered. Both men and women have different psychologies. Their mentalities, ability to understand things, rational and emotional spheres, priorities, ability to handle adversities, degree of openness, degree of aggressiveness, degree of sociability, degree of responsibility shown, degree of authority shown, etiquettes, priorities, communication abilities, leadership skills, innovation, convincing and persuasion skills are different.

Taste, Hobbies, Interests-From these areas recruiters can have vital clues about personal attributes. If it matches with job type then that candidate will be a better option. That is, if a person has interest in writing, then he would be favourable for handling content related jobs.

Time & Cost- Time, the most precious of all things. The time to be invested in training and grooming the fresher is to be considered. Cost comes complementary with time, as freshers are considered there should be thorough supervision. Without investing time and cost these freshers may bring in negative results.

Time frame-Time frame means the time allocated or spent for a fresher to be free from the context that he/she is no more any fresher. It is the time till which the fresher become resourceful without much supervision. That is the period the company plans to spend for the fresher to be reliant. It is the framework in which the fresher has to benchmark his/her capability.

Nature of contract-The nature of contract between the fresher is to be considered. Whether it is just an internship motive or work experience motive or rather it is his intention to move forward with company? Whether he/she have a legal bond? Whether he/she is expecting salary? What if he quit the job? All these factors are concerned with.

Knowledge about the company-This is a very important factor. Any fresher should have the basic knowledge about what organization is about and how it is going. The rules, code of conduct, mission, vision, policies, norms and obligations are to be communicated properly.

Review-The performance appraisal and review of the fresher should be done frequently. It may and should happen in first day-oneweek-3week-1 month-3month pattern. This helps the recruiter to measure whether he will be worth hiring for a long period. It will help in making decisions about degree of supervision.

Patience, Guidance, Support and Supervision-No company should a expect miracle from the fresher from the day one itself. As stated earlier, he is a newborn baby just with some bookish knowledge. He/she should be given with ample time to adjust with company and its framework. He/she would have committed mistakes or blunders, so proper corrective measures and suggestions are to be made. Patience, guidance, support and supervision can bridge the gap.

Opportunities & Motivation-If the fresher is performing up to the standards. Then he should be given with new opportunities and targets. So that he face some positive stress and will be enjoying the spirit in achieving it. More than financial motives, what makes the person to be in a company is how well he/she is acknowledged or respected. Motivation and inspiration can bring wonders.

Retain-Retention is an important factor. Freshers usually have monkey culture. Their decisions are may be wavering. They will find new opportunities in other companies because they believe first job is always tough job. In the second job there will be trying to cope up even with harsh situations as they have an opportunity cost (forgotten opportunity) of first job. So in recruitment retention period of the fresher is to be evaluated.

Mutual benefits-There should be mutual benefits, for the company and fresher. Fresher is never an object for looting manpower in comparatively low cost. Likewise, fresher is never expected to focus on his personal goals without giving much respect to organizational goals. Everything should be under a fair play.

Other factors-Family background, social and cultural factors are to be days. Nowadays, even social networking sites can help the recruiters to know about the freshers.

Aids for recruiting freshers

Match the fresher along with Job description and Expected qualities

The recruitment exam should not only measure the aptitude and intelligence, but also the spheres of social skills, emotional stability, attitude, positivity, sense of belongingness towards the company.

Genuineness of the fresher should be evaluated by creating a contextual interview pattern for the company.

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