The Balance of Work & Life

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 28, 2015

“There’s nothing called as work-life balance. There’s work, there’s life and there’s no balance” – Jack Welch

This is one of the burning issues in today’s scenario – maintaining the work-life balance. People struggle to maintain it. The bigger question is – Has anyone ever been able to find that balance? May be not. Nobody can clearly explain what work-life balance is.

I have a friend working in a leading MNC who somewhat feels that he has been able to find that secret formula of maintain the balance. He believes that satisfying your boss at work and satisfying your family at home is work-life balance. If you succeed in doing that, you’re indeed maintaining the work-life balance. However, I beg to differ.

One of the most important parameter which he has forgotten in the definition is the man himself. You may do several things to satisfy your boss or your family. However, you can be motivated only if you are satisfied or happy yourself. According to me, unless you’re happy that can’t be termed as a balance. Maintaining a balance is anyways a difficult task. When it comes to life, it becomes delicate.

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Generally, we feel that we have balanced ourselves but the fact is that momentarily we have adjusted ourselves or molded ourselves to the current scenario. One pebble dropped and the whole calmness appears to be gone!!

A typical person, who joins a job for the first time finds the job very exciting. Gradually, that excitement dies. Battling hard, he tries to balance his life and work. Momentarily he succeeds. He gets married, the balance is disturbed again. Another long battle to restore the balance. Promotion and added responsibilities – more stay at work. Balance again gone for a toss. There would be many such factors that disturb the balance every time you feel that it has been maintained. In fact, putting it the other way, we need to adjust time and again. A happy boss and a happy wife is a myth- as they say. So, a perfect work-life balance is a myth too – A corollary derived by the same proven fact.

You just can’t be considered successful if your home life is in tatters. Some people are claimed to be workaholic. They just love to work. And they reach the pinnacle. But the truth is, often the workaholic person end up being an alcoholic as they lose everything else. Though, it is rather difficult to maintain a perfect work-life balance, but it is worth giving it a try. One needs to fix the priorities first. The right balance can be decided after that only. Generally the family comes above work and in that case during a toss between family and work, family must be ensured to win. One can’t stretch himself beyond a certain limit. So individual’s priorities matter as well. A work place without any motivation will soon end up hurting you.

We go through several terms in management which we learn but seldom apply them. Risk-return analysis and Opportunity cost is something that can be applied here. One needs to understand the risks involved in not giving enough importance to the priorities set. And yes, what are the returns in doing so? Also, when you chose to prioritize one option, what is the loss you are going to incur? Loss here doesn’t necessarily mean in monetary terms. It must include the consequences.

One needs to understand that it is always a matter of taking instantaneous decisions. There is definitely a risk associated with it. The call taken might not be the best one but one must back the decision while choosing a priority.

There is also a problem with most of the people that they just don’t deny. One must learn to say a “NO” politely. It is an art to respectfully turn down a request. That many-a-times help you achieve those extra moments of leisure for which you are craving for. You need to be honest to yourself. There are certain things that you just can’t do. And so be it. The faster you accept, the better it is. You will not end up overburdening yourself and then under-perform because of that.

The system must be refined as and when required. The most important thing to be kept in mind is the goal. How you achieve that is entirely your decision. A process is generally to help a person. It shouldn’t be complicated.

A person must remember that he shouldn’t get so busy in making a living that he forgets to make a life. Taking time to live life actually inspires your work. It is all so inter-related. Just remember to take out time for those things you want to do. Work life balance will automatically follow once you start enjoying your life.


This article has been authored by Silva Acharya from Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar


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