Tests used for Selecting an Employee in an Organization

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 16, 2016

Organizations typically conduct different type of test to assess job applications. The main motive of the test is to provide a potential employer with an insight into whether employee is able to meet with the intellectual demand of the job requirement and how well employee fit into organization culture. The test is a series of standardized series of problem or questions that usually assess a skill, abilities, personal knowledge. The test is very effective means of determining whether employees are qualified for a particular job and it is challenging for any organization to select a right candidate as wrong candidate can lead to huge cost to company in terms of productivity and profitability.

Most of the organization currently rely on assessment tools to check the aptitude and personality of an employee. These assessment tools measure, how a human being behaves perform with time constraint. Today’s most of the government job and other private organization adopt assessment tools in recruitment process. This type of Test is usually used in Banking Jobs, Civil service Jobs, Clerk and engineering related jobs etc., where an organization need competitive employee who can perform better with their rivalry. An organization tries to select the best candidate from assessment tools.

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Assessment tools reduces time both to employee and employer, where time required to recruit is less and only those candidates apply for the job profile where he or she fits with the job. Rejection of the candidate is totally based on the score received by him or her in the test conducted by the employer. With changing technology and business environments, most the organization prefer to take test on electronic equipment, where probability of misconduct is less and an organization select competence and emotional intelligence employee. An organization can check Competence IQ test, Verbal, Logical and Numeric thinking. Work ethic can be checked, how an employee responses during personality test. To test this employer sometime give question related to emotional and work conditions, where candidate has to answer according to the working environments.

Another important test is Biographical data test where candidate is asked questions related to their educational background, their important research or thesis, their hobbies and their past work experience. Some biographical test also assesses behaviour of an individual, their interest in work, personality of an employee. Through this test employer check about the leadership skills of a candidate and team skills and after joining the organization, how well a candidate can manage or handle the other employees for successful execution of an organization. Some organization also check about the creativity, innovativeness and interpersonal skills, where skills of a candidate can be used to develop new products, accept new challenges or apply new process or ideas in the organizations. To monitor this type of test skilled administrator is required, where a better candidate is selected who fits in the organization.

Physical ability test depicts about the physical activity while selecting the right candidate. This type of test is generally used in army selection, where candidate needs to perform well defined task in specified time. A Candidate has to fulfill certain criteria to fit in the selection procedure. This type of employee test consumes much time with compare to others and happen in pre-decided location. To successfully complete this test, candidate has to necessarily pass the medical test defined by the selecting organization, where employee weight, eyesight, physical condition is checked.

Personality test is very important test in selecting right candidate in the organization, where an organization use MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for employee selection. Under this test, a candidate is given certain questions, where he or she has to answer based on their mental abilities without being any pressure. This is not used to reject the candidate, but the employer gets to know whether particular candidate fits the work environments. This type of test checks how stable the candidate is, behaviour of a candidate at the workplace, relationship with the peer group and satisfaction with the work. This type of personality test is requiring in those profession where a candidate has to consult with the public like marketing Jobs, sales jobs and jobs in the steel, automobile, cement industry etc.

Job knowledge is another type of test, where a candidate is evaluated based on their technical skills like Operation knowledge, Financial knowledge, C++, java, SAP knowledge etc. This type of test doesn’t test any kind of physical test or medical test. To judge the candidate, employer need a knowledge person, who have complete idea of the domain or subject. Sometime an employer judges the candidate on the innovation, creativeness, Past work experience where candidate has used technical knowledge. Mostly engineering series, Software industry, army officers, aircraft officers need this type of test in selection process of a candidate. Selecting wrong candidate can cost huge to the company in terms of money and time both.

Cognitive ability test is another type of test where an employer assesses a candidate by giving them situation based on logical thinking and verbal reason and candidate has to perform accordingly. This type of test is useful where human intellect is required like IT jobs, R&D Jobs, Engineering Jobs etc. Candidate with Better cognitive ability test perform better in the organization, because they are able to learn quickly than others. If proper strategy is not followed, selecting right candidate may be difficulty and it can incur huge cost to organization.


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