HR Trends in the Fast Emerging Start-up Culture

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 01, 2016

One of the most important and critical part of an employee’s interests in any organization irrespective of its size is the Human Resource Department. Some of the very core operations of an organization like payroll, hiring-firing, benefits, being updated with the laws of tax as laid by central and state governments fall under the responsibilities of an HR department. If any issue arises related to these areas, the organization can really get stuck up with issues like employee dissatisfaction or legal/statutory business problems. However, the general trend found is that small businesses don’t have ample amount of resources in form of staff and budget to deal with the minute criticalities of HR and hence have to outsource their HR requirements.

With the major advancements in technology and the increasing expanse of social media, Human Resources have been impacted in a significant way and heading towards becoming a very complex operation in coming years. Some of the pattern-shift likely to be observed can be compiled together as follows:

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Recruitment process to be Data-Driven

As mentioned earlier, with day-to-day technology breakthroughs and Analytics in full swing, access to data is getting cheaper and a lot easier. Leaders concerned with Talent Acquisition can make use of this data and devise better strategic ways to come up to their final decisions. Talent Pool formation is one of the many ways helping recruiters extend their understanding of the market dynamics and become more effective. Hence Data-driven recruitment will be prominent in coming years.

Relationships instead of Programs

Nowadays, companies in order to avoid complexities look out to external firms for HR services. Instead if one exploits the talent and expertise within the company, a lot more benefit can be tapped out with limited expenses. Peer-to-Peer learning can be very cost-effective and the knowledge transferred via this approach is quite valuable as it is imparted by people from within the organization who have a much better and holistic understanding of the organization. Hence, updating skills of an organization’s workforce will be a very critical point companies will ponder upon in coming years.

Priority to Employee Engagement

In the coming times, our country is going to witness large scale demographic shift and a very stiff competition across all sectors. To survive in such scenario Employee Engagement is something every organization is looking for. Tis very theme is related to Leadership which in turn governs issues like right people capable enough to lead teams, induce inspiration and motivation in the workforce and taking the organization to an extra mile making it an exemplary brand. Hence the triangular force of Employee Engagement, Learning and Development is what going to play a major role to take the company to a success in coming times.

Focus on Employee Experience

Since, the last decade the HR department across all the organizations has been focusing on harnessing new technologies to streamline processes. However, this very approach has come to a saturation point and newer ways have to be devised. One such shift should be focusing on improving in Employee Experience. The issue is every department of an organization was busy in implementing newer technologies in their processes and the employee-journey perspective was not pondered upon. This led to a cumbersome situation where all the departments with different technologies were unable to work in synchronization and employees had to suffer. Thus, the focus should be on improving mainly the experience of employees within the organization to increase engagement and employee-retention.

Resilient Approach

We very well understand the economic slowdown in Europe leading to very volatile market conditions which increases the pressure on individuals of organizations and makes their task more challenging. Hence focus should also be on the well-being and resilience of employees which encompasses emotional, mental and physical well-being. Provisions of free counseling for the employees and their family members can be an effective move to start with.

Big Data and Analytics

Analytics is one field which has been revolutionizing every department of business be it marketing, finance, operations and even HR. HR Analytics is helping in predictive analysis of HR trends and as such in devising future recruitment strategies. In the same way Big Data has been in the air and both these tools needs to be put to use to visualize effective HR trends in near future.

Business Reinforcement

It’s challenging times across all industries and a time of stiff competition. Business Consolidation thus will be a key approach across all the organizations. To bring it to real picture, an effective HR paired with analytics on one side and focus towards becoming the most attractive employer on the other side will be the key towards success and building an organization with the best of the talents and minds.


Personifying Business

Current business environment is quite dynamic and are struggling because the employees are not given full power to exercise their ideas and thoughts. In the previous century, employees were more or less treated like machines with focus towards output. However, in this century there needs to be a shift of approach and one needs to visualize the human side of the business. Encouragement should be towards innovation and developing mindsets through experimentation. Curiosity shouldn’t be discouraged rather properly addressed. Artificial barriers created by separate departments of an organization during the assignment of roles and responsibilities needs to be tackled with. Categorizing people with similar skills and expertise is an effective approach towards solving complex problems through a collective approach. Also, fear and failure and how to perceive them is a critical standpoint for any organization and it should be clearly defined and messaged throughout the worker community. The main catch of how to face fear is to look behind, introspect behind the curtains of fear and move forward confidently.


Reviewing Performance

The very trend of Performance ratings have been dropped by most of the IT companies be it startup or a giant considering it as an ineffective approach. Instead many unique ideas are coming up through the industries for performance reviews like piloting, removing the concept of individual bonus and many more interesting concepts.


This article has been authored by Gaurav Anand from IIM Raipur



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