One Team to Achieve the Dream - Importance of Teamwork

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 01, 2016

Whether it is a small startup or a large corporation, teamwork is the most essential aspect. It forms a vital part of growing business environment. Starting from an idea for a product or service, to finally selling it to the customers, all the tasks are accomplished through teamwork. You can’t imagine a single bee making the whole honey, a single mason making the building and a single ant collecting the food for the whole season. Teamwork helps the employees to get the maximum output from colleagues, reduces burnout and helps in boosting the company's overall productivity. Big Giants like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Hindustan Unilever etc. can’t flourish with the ideas of just one person. There is the support of big teams which has helped this top companies grow consistently.

Working in teams fosters creativity and creates an environment which promotes learning. The complex tasks get easily done through combined efforts of the team. The whole task is divided among the team members and the job is accomplished easily. Different people have varied strengths and skill sets. A team blends complementary strengths of these people. The people who work in a team build trust among themselves. When there are different opinions, conflict arises automatically. People learn conflict resolution skills by working in a team. People generally tend to avoid risks thinking of the gigantic probable losses. But if people work in teams, the risk gets divided among all. Thus teamwork promotes healthy risk-taking.

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Nobody is perfect in this world. Mistakes are bound to happen because of uncertainty in future. When people work in teams, the responsibility gets shared and if anything goes wrong, an individual would not have to suffer the whole penalty. Different people think differently and have varied perspectives. People gain new perspectives through their team members. A lot of communication happens when people work in teams. Thus the communication skills improve a lot. A team does not run with just followers. A leader is always needed. The leader need not be one person always. All the team members can behave as a leader depending upon the circumstances. Thus the leadership qualities of the people gets brushed up. A person need not be good in all the aspects. In a team, the works get divided on the basis of individual skills. Thus people get to play to their strengths.

But everything is not rosy while working in team. It is not necessary that all work equally in a team. There is unequal participation by the team members. Some work very actively while a few others try to escape. Everybody is not a team player. Some people work more effectively when they work individually. Thus involving them in a team limits their creativity. The decision making process gets delayed because of involvement of many people. At times, people indulge in blame game when anything goes wrong. Nobody wants to share the repercussions because of the mistakes of the others. There are multiple clashes of ideas. This kills the spirit of the people and affects their productivity negatively. Thinks become worse when one team member desires to outshine the rest. There is high probability that the team members might have to deal with an over bearing and arrogant team leader. Such a leader spoils the efforts of the other team members.

A successful team work environment does not occur automatically. It requires conscious efforts of the manager. The manager needs to clarify the common goals and purposes to the team members very clearly. Not only the goals of the team should be communicated but there should be clarity of each person’s role in achieving the common purpose. The manager should also pay attention to conflicts when they arise. He should work out ways to resolve conflicts. He should remember his leadership role and responsibilities. It is very much necessary to make sure team members interact at the meetings and participate actively. The manager should allow team members to decide their jobs. Generally it is the majority which ultimately makes the final decision. But it does not mean that the minority views should always be ignored. The manager should ensure that there is scope for minority views also. To motivate all the team members, he should appraise and reward the team for their contributions. To bring healthy competition in the team, he should also appraise and reward the employees individually, including after reviewing their teamwork. A lot of teams work in an organization. To promote healthy competition among them, he should communicate the team successes in the organization.


It is not just the duty of the manager to work for maintaining a successful team. The team members also have a responsibility to maintain good relations in the team. If there is disagreement between two people, it is the duty of the others to work as arbitrators and help in resolving the conflicts. All the team members are not equally efficient .So the other team members should help those people who are a little slow and not able to complete work on time. The team members should not be biased towards some people. Everybody should be given chance to contribute to the discussion. There should be no dominance of one by the other. The team should constantly make efforts to improve as a whole.


In the current scenario, there is no doubt that to the fact that one person can also do all the work. But only doing work does not bring success in the competitive environment. Doing smart work is what is more important. That happens with the help of a team. If one person has fifty ideas, ten members in the team would have five hundred ideas. So working in teams is the need of the hour. There is rat race all around. If you want to win, you need to be smart and improve your strengths by working in a team. Else you would be trodden down. Choice is yours!


This article has been authored by Uma Bala from IIM Raipur

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