The Struggle Behind Earning a Seat at the IIMs

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 01, 2016

It is the dream of not only the students, but also the parents to see their kids studying at prestigious IIMs. Some people are able to make it, some give it another chance and the rest change their dreams thinking for some other plans. Earning a seat at an IIM is itself a great achievement. And great achievements are not achieved easily. It requires a lot of hard work and persistence.

The first ladder of earning seat for an IIM is to crack CAT (Common Aptitude Test). Cracking this exam requires a lot of classes, tests and self-evaluation. The day when you start preparing for this exam, you doubt your decision. But with passage of time, things start becoming more adjustable. You go through a severe training course full of lectures, mock tests and other similar practices. It is really very difficult to manage both the preparation and other things you are doing along with it. However, before going for a management course, you are of course expected to learn managing these things also.

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For a lot of people, cracking CAT seems to them as if they have bagged their seats at IIMs. But the reality is quite different. There are cases even where the top scores could not make it to the IIMs and the comparatively lower scores managed to grab IIM seat. It brings into the light the various practices the IIMs follow for taking the candidates in. different IIMs have different criteria but mostly there are two practices which are the most prevalent – Written essay and Personal Interview. Any mistake done at one part can spoil the whole efforts. There are weightages for different aspects like scores of matrics, senior school, graduation, work experience, diversity factor and gender. After taking into consideration all these points, the final call is taken.

Most of the students manage to do well in written essay but they have to face great difficulty when it comes to personal interview. The interviewer may ask you any question. For preparing for interviews, the students have to keep them updated with all the current affairs happening round the country. The interviewers are smart enough to see the weaknesses of the students. So, the students need to prepare very hard for cracking interviews.

In between the ongoing struggle for earning a seat at prestigious IIMs, there are a lot of trade-offs involved. You might have to sacrifice a lot of parties and fun with the friends. You might have to bear some almost sleepless nights when the exam is drawing closer. But all these sacrifices prove worth when the aspirant finally convert an IIM. For this one seat, there is a need of lot of confidence, perseverance and positive attitude. There are multiple times when you lose your motivation to continue struggling. During that time, it is your confidence which keep you energized, your perseverance which doesn’t let you go and your positive attitude which makes you to move ahead.

Despite putting their best possible efforts, some students are not able to make it to an IIM. But it doesn’t stop most of them for trying again. These people try their luck again and again to prove their mettle. Sooner or later, the hard work definitely pays you. It never goes into vain. The struggle for earning a seat at prestigious IIM doesn’t lose its existence after getting the seat. This struggle leads to another struggle to get the best placements at IIM. The struggle keeps going on. It depends on the calibre and attitude of the warrior how fast he moves to the next ladder of struggle.


This article has been authored by Sourav Saha from IIM Raipur

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