Self assessment: The first step for excellence

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on March 11, 2011


Competition is prevalent everywhere. Ever since a child is born, he comes up with a new challenge at every step. From taking admission at nursery level to performing well in school, from pursuing higher studies to performing better in jobs, the challenges which a person faces are never ending. Every single day puts forward a new challenge which has to be tackled for a person to succeed. But there is one characteristic which an individual should develop for invoking self belief and self confidence- Self Assessment.


Self Assessment

People often compare themselves with their counterparts, peers and even friends. It is human nature to try and learn new things from the people they idolize. But instead of simply copying or imitating the people they admire, they must analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, as no individual is the same in acquiring and executing skills. For every individual, the biggest competition should be with themselves and a competition within an organisation or with the world. The individual should understand his strong points and continuously try to make them better. On the other hand, a person should perform a self assessment to realize his or her negative personality traits and should either avoid them or try and work to improve them. Thus, for the overall personality growth of a person, self assessment of behavior and skills is a critical factor.


Another perspective of self assessment can also be understood by the following. A lot of people remain under wraps with their ideas, concepts and willingness to try newer things because of the fear of being ridiculed. As a result of this, majority of the people don’t voice their opinions, don’t share their views and end up portraying an image of a lazy, subdued, un-creative person. Thus, people should not start judging themselves even before they've taken up a task. If a manager feels a certain idea or method can benefit the organization, he should put forth his views confidently, and should not hold them back because of an unknown fear. He should put forward his concepts with a certain amount of reliability and credibility without the fear of being rejected. And even if the ideas are rejected, it would still instill faith in the organization as the manager would present an image of being a confident and participative asset to the organization. Thus, people should not use self assessment as a negative factor otherwise it will surely kill the creative and innovative instincts in an individual.


Self assessment and judgment may lead people in trying out new skills in which they may fail miserably. But repeated failure doesn’t mean that an individual is bad. It means that he or she needs to try harder, and improve on their task. And a person can only be the best and improve if that person is willing to compete with himself.


Individuals should use self assessment to get into areas of their interest and work on their skills. Every person should give their best effort at every task they do, hope for best results but still be prepared for worse. An innovative fighting spirit in an individual would open up newer avenues and opportunities to grow, provided a person understands himself first.


In the field of sports, dance, music, business or education, every person has to overcome obstacles. Sometimes the road to victory is easy and sometimes it’s like a never ending battle. One way of rising up and again being ready for the next battle is through improving your strength and demolishing your weakness. And there exists only one way to find the spark within oneself and that is self assessment.


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