Social Media and HR

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 22, 2011

Social media is beginning to affect every aspect of person’s life. As far as business is concerned social media is having enormous impact from product or service perspective as well as performance perspective.  With the evolution of social media, HR department of an organization need to ensure that employees are not spending entire day on social networking sites and frittering away their time tweeting or posting messages on social networking sites.  We have seen companies firing their employees for posting bad remarks against the company.  But the biggest question to be asked here is “Can employees get fired over social media post?” . With evolving nature of social media, it is right time that organizations formulate social media policies. Also it is important for the companies to constantly updating social media policies.  

Social Media and HR

Social media can be an asset as well as liability for recruitment. Increasingly companies are posting their job listings on social sites like linkedin rather than job sites like or  It is helping cutting recruitment costs.  Companies even are encouraging their employees to use social media to share job listing among friends and social network.  In the traditional way of job advertising, it used to take at least a week before you could get response from interested candidates.  But now, with millions of people on Facebook and Twitter every day, it takes only few seconds. 

Even though social media is very fast medium to reach to the target candidates, there are downside of using social media from networking purpose. And the downside increases if there are no guidelines for regulating what employers are getting from these social sites. There is so much personal information available publicly that there is a risk employers may focus on personal information while they are making hiring even if that information is not relevant to the job description. If there are photos of candidates partying, or if they seem obese in the picture, then employers tend base their hiring decision on what they see on the sites leaving the door open for discriminatory practices. So in order that such discriminatory practices do not exist, organizations need to formulate social media policy for recruitment.

Collaboration is one of the key competencies of any HR professional which they develop as a part of practice. Being skilled at collaborating can help develop communities within an organization and externally with customers (both business to consumer and business to business organizations will benefit from such communities). A must have for developing strong collaboration skills is to also continuously update your communication skills and in the world of Social Media, communication skills can make all the difference to attaining your goals and minimizing or mitigating negative outcomes.  Increasingly, organizations are formulating guidelines on how to communicate the customers through social media.

In this age, it you remain far from social media you will remain far from your potential customers, potential employees and ultimately potential revenue. With respect to social media, you have to be smart with what you are saying; you should aware who you are reaching; and if you are going to go looking, then you have to be prepared for what you are going to find.

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