Employee Promotion: The Ladder of Motivation

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on May 19, 2011

Every year, employees in an organization eagerly wait for the day when their efforts and achievements during the previous year would be evaluated and appreciated. Incentives, rise in salary, employee benefits etc given to employees gives them a tremendous sense of satisfaction. But the most important motivating factor, which rejuvenates an employee with more enthusiasm and responsibility, is “Promotion”.

Ladder to Success ?

Promotion is an emotional and explosive issue with far-reaching implications. It means that one has journeyed steadily and has arrived somewhere in an organization and the process of his making a growth has begun. Some organizations give impressive designations to please their employees as a part of succession planning at the top management. Many employers state clearly in advance the criteria for granting promotions while others take into consideration the amount of hard work put in as well as one’s desire to improve his performance. People strive to get absorbed in companies at higher level posts or try to maintain proper contact with top level management to get promotions. But some companies strictly keep senior level positions for personnel with professional employee attitude or management qualifications, especially to limit the number of aspirants. Due to an increase in automation and rationalization, many intermediate jobs too are fast disappearing and promotional avenues are getting considerably narrow.

Promotion means growth and rise up the professional ladder. Lack of promotion for a long time is taken an absence of recognition. Some see it as stagnation or failure while others take it as something unnatural or death itself; because no attention is paid to those who have lost out in the race & they are simply ignored. On the other hand, growth dominates an employee’s aspiration and thinking. While applying for a job, one prefers a job with promotional prospects which can take them to higher levels and positions in an organization.  Promotions surely have more weight-age than better perks and emoluments. Even at a later stage in a job, if an employee realizes that there are no further chances of growth or promotion, his zeal and enthusiasm are bound to suffer immensely and irreparably. It is said that only a growing person is seen as a successful person. Growth gives hope of a better future which sustains a person through adversities, hardships, frustration and despair. It also helps a person to perform efficiently and enthusiastically.

Every year most organizations announce the list of promotes in the month of April. One can witness a huge contrast in a company’s atmosphere then. While those who are promoted rejoice and celebrate, there is anguish and pain amongst those who are not promoted. There are mixed feelings of joy and grief; high spirits and broken spirits around. Only when one steps into the shoes of the so-called “un-promotable” that one can realize how everything appears disastrous to him who has ceased to grow and how he aspires to grow further.

The most crucial part of promotions is that if an incompetent incumbent is assigned a pivotal position in a company, it not only demoralizes the other employees but may cost the company adversely. Therefore whichever measures and policies are adopted by a company for giving promotions to its employees, they should be exercised with utmost care and caution. An effective and transparent procedure helps a great deal in maintaining credibility and respect.

As far as promotions are concerned, one should never give up and keep trying for success. One should constantly self-assess his own abilities and constantly strive for the better. In fact, one should not get frustrated doing a continuous, result less effort because sometimes the last key in a bunch opens the lock.

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