Revamping Indian Education System

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 26, 2011

In June 2011, People saw cutoffs for admission to undergraduate schools skyrocketing to 100%. The number of students scoring 100% has increased in large numbers as compared to previous years. Not undermining the efforts put in by these students, but it is time to reflect on our education system which has been delivering inflated results. The results indicate that the current generation is far more intellectual then the previous generation. There are so many people with hundred percent in several subjects or all subjects that perhaps in few years which we can have all Nobel Prize winners from India.


Is the education right ?

A very norm of the evaluation is that the difficulty level should be such that results of students should fit loosely in a normal curve with few of the students doing exceedingly well, few of them not making the cut and majority of them on either side of the mean score. But our results of higher secondary shows that the ratio is skewed towards right side.

Yes, we need more high quality institutes. But merely adding number of institutes and organizing competitive exams will not help. In order to provide quality education, we must focus on the innovative methods of teaching as compare to focusing on rote learning excluding the understanding. Our junior colleges are in appalling condition, where there is hardly any focus on teaching leave aside innovative methods of teaching. Most of the students go for coaching classes which drills them in answering particular of type of answers by merely focusing on memorizing part of it. Your chances of getting into your dream college also depend on your handwriting, since there are so many students with same memorization power that the only thing which differentiates them is their handwriting.

As there is hardly any focus on quality learning, many of the students with so called 100% marks in higher secondary struggle to cope with the subjects offered in the first of year of undergraduate courses particularly in science stream. So called meritorious students are unable to apply the concepts to different situations as they have been used to of memorizing concepts rather than understanding it. Prime example is the results of first semester results of engineering in Mumbai University where the passing result is hardly 25-30%.

In order to build India with educated Indians we have to move away from present education system especially in primary and higher secondary education as it is the foundation of any education system. We have to build an education system which will align the students to the higher order skills which students will require in the years to come. We have to move away from the memory based system. What we need is introduce students to critical thinking, complex reasoning, good expression, effective problem solving and thinking in inter disciplinary manner. This will require high quality teaching, rational evaluation system with decent level of difficulty following the normal curve approach.  We have to do away with the marks criteria for securing admission into colleges. What we need is common ground where students thinking is tested not the memorization power.  But, before entering this ground we need to prepare the students from primary level.

If we have to build India for tomorrow we have to completely revamp our education system. Human capital is the competitive edge of our country. Let’s convert this form of capital into more lethal form of intellectual capital by revamping the current education system.



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