Prosperity through Sustainability

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 29, 2011

The world has become a small organizational unit which functions on various critical factors. Boom in part of the world has a positive effect on the economies worldwide and any fluctuations can lead to global depressions. The interdependencies amongst countries have grown rapid over the decades without doubt. The world has entered a new age of austerity and rapid utilization of resources has lead to several problems like shrinking government budgets and lesser voluntary contributions. Thus, the need of the hour to have a secure future for the coming generations is sustainability.



The global society is living on the edge and is constantly under pressure from various important factors. Depleting energy resources, climatic changes, lack of availability of food and global recession are some crises which are slowly stifling economic growth. Economic crisis can further turn into ugly political unrests thereby leading to weaker governance, unemployment and further creating more chaos. Thus, making sustainable development, keeping in perspective all factors and people, has become a critical part in functioning globally.


Sustainable development is the solution as the challenges across borders are the same be it fighting poverty, hunger, terrorism etc. Therefore it becomes comparatively easier to find common solutions by utilizing the interconnections among these problems. Collective teamwork in cracking down problems can help in finding efficient, effective and enduring ways to have a sustainable and prosperous future.


As a part of sustainable development, governments across the worlds are fighting against protectionism and are fighting to equal opportunities to all. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) stated by the UN also focus on inclusive development, growth and creating of quality jobs globally. Protection of biodiversity is also high on the agenda set by various inter-governmental institutions. Sustainable growth also aims at reducing carbons emissions in developed countries apart from supporting economic growth and industrialization in emerging economies.


Protecting the poor and vulnerable from being exploited is another major concern for the governments. Financial incentives, relaxed policies and better opportunities can help remove this problem gradually over a period of time.


Political stability, economic growth, democracy and human rights are all interlinked with each other. For success is all, it is essential to be progressive in all the fields and that too simultaneously. Global social justice by means of providing good food, health, education and respectable lives to people is the only way of achieving sustainable growth. The world needs to create a mechanism of systematic processes and coordination to collectively work towards their objective. The developed and prosperous nations have to put their best foot forward and help the vulnerable countries in overcoming any crisis collectively.


The time has come for countries to re-invent themselves and fight as a united force to overcome the problems. And the vision of a peaceful economically stable prosperous world can be achieved only by sustainable development.

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