What Is The Stepping Stone For HR- Is It Still Obscure?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 02, 2012

What has been in line for HR? Is it globally revealed in the current scenario? Who is driving the organization, people at the top including CXO’s or people who are striving hard at the bottom slogging themselves day &night for some unexplored motives including promotions which definitely becomes unexplored for many out of those.

Starting from the menial Clerical work to the other extreme  which is so called “Strategic “,Who gets what , Is  designation merely a dependent variable for the same.

Even if it is, what is strategically done by the Top level Executives;Is it solely their work which has done wonders or the Executioner should be the one who should be rewarded or should go empty handed as it happens always.

Learning so much from your B school, in and out about your subject or specialization, knowing the intricacies about it. Is it really been put to use so well in the Organization that gets utilized to the maximum to see the results remarkably, unfortunately this is not the case.

No wonder one has to start from the scratch,onedoesn’t land up directly on the top floor without climbing up the ladder, yougot to start by doing what you are not interested in doing or don’t really find much of use. Although it is important to know the rudimentary level & work but youshould be assured of “You doing what is important to and for the Organization as per done by the Top level ones”.

Even if you don’t encounter your wish work in the start, you should be able to see a part of it and be a part of it as well, even though it is partialandit doesn’t suck 100% out of you.

Is it the same everywhere in every specialization or just HR being the victimised one?

Your start in every field is somewhat monotonous rather felt like by many or most I guess. Even if you are aware of what you need out of it, But you experiencing and practising the same is all together a different question and lies in the different world for you.

Strategically what is done and practised is all what yousee, ignoring the surroundings and the circles which you need to penetrate through to get there is a major stuck up in your mind which definitely needs to be eradicated.

Dreaming and wishing for the best for you is no harm, but trusting the surroundings for the same definitely cause harm and especially to you and no one else.

You could definitely dream but not at the start but only after realizing your worth or by making people realize your worth by any means. This is entirely at your discretion to understand the meaning of the word “means “here and follow the same for what you wish to achieve.

I would not blame the youth to feel, dream and desire what is good for them, rather the society and the culture needs to be blamed for the same.

At one level they raise the expectations to the unattainable level and once they are really up for applying the required effort, they are the first one to be pushed down so hard and hittingthem so hard on the face like a blow with a fist that it takes time to come out of the blurred vision that they just experienced.

The society is the one who claims to bring in youth  to come up front and take the lead to attain the so called , still not so explored word called “GROWTH “ and when it is a matter to delegate  responsibilities to the youth, we tag them as Hot blooded ones  - too aggressive to take the lead. It is definitely required to continuously make them tasting a bit of cake regularly which assures them that it will come to them as a whole one daythat would definitely pacify their hot blooded ness  and  would certainly reduce the attrition rate as well.

The Question is not that “whether HR has gone strategic from administrative?”, there is no dilemma as well but the question is “what comes on your way and What gets to touch your buds”

Sales is a start to Marketing, Accounts is to Finance , Logistics is to Operations but a term which describes a start to HR is still obscure…

The underlying problem is not the education system; People are coming out of the best B schools with enough content and the relevant one too. Desperate enough to get the desired exposure and wants to get grilled down to give the best to the society,obviously they have their own means as well as no one is selfless. ButDo they really get exposed fully? Are they able to utilize their talent to the maximum potential they possess?

These are not just sheer questions unanswered rather Known facts that has answers but all that is unfortunate to hear.

Though people are grilled down but definitely not in the desired direction. They are continuously routed in the same room. But the route to the doors and the gates outside are still concealed.

This article has been authored by Lakshay Taneja from SCMHRD.

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