Attrition in IT companies - Looking at it other way round

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 23, 2011

We often read in the newspapers the high levels of attrition in IT companies and the common belief among many is that people jump just because they are offered better packages elsewhere. Is it true in all cases ? Highly unlikely. A major portion can be attributed to this reason but there are reasons beyond this which compels an employee to resign. So what exactly is the next big reason for an employee to quit a company. The answer is his/ her  "BOSS". So we are inferring here that the individual is not quitting the company but he is just running away from his BOSS(read manager in IT set up).

Attrition - Big Problem ?

The reason why the IT sector has been chosen is because the youngest section of the society is currently employed here. They need constant mentoring which is unfortunately lacking as of now. In other sectors we have people who are fairly matured who in turn nurture the younger lot. However in IT industry the leader of a team is itself a few years older than the other members in the team.The industry which harps on having the lowest average age is in the hindsight a handicap as well.
So what are the major reasons which leads to a clash between the employee and his mentor

1. In the traditional setup we could see the boss would actually care for your growth and his as well. The leader was mature enough to understand the need to build a fruitful and lasting relationship of the younger employees with the organisation. However the new breed of leaders are in a tearing hurry to move up the ladder and that leaves little time for taking care of others. He is of the philosophy "Every man for himself" and this is where it causes friction between the team members.

2. The younger lot need constant mentoring. They need to be made aware of the culture and ethos of the organisation. This would help in building an ever lasting bonding with the organisation. However the current setup involves decentralizing every process. The HR aspect is taken care by HR unit and the delivery is taken care by the lead whom the youngster reports to. So there is a disconnect and with no regular mentoring by the reporting senior leads to a gap.

3. Yet another reason why there are problems in the current setup is because of lack of empathy. We have somewhere in the process of building a MNC have lost the softer nature. Preventing a team member from attending his/her personal work even in the times of emergency causes a severe heartburn amongst the employees. A soothing talk in such times would do a world of good and go a long way in building a good healthy working relationship.

But in this competitive world, we as individuals have lost the humane touch and have only one goal in mind. So instead of looking at oneself we need to look at the bugger picture i.e., the organisation. But since IT industry is one of the sunrise sector it will take time before it finally stabilises. Till then we will see high levels of attrition and once every company has sufficient set of leaders in every levels (middle and senior) we would see the new era of the industry.

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