Job Satisfaction – The Other Side

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 16, 2012

“As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living Satisfaction is death.” My Teacher used this quote of George Bernard to motivate me to work hard in my early school days. In schools, not only I, but many of us would have been motivated like this. A ‘seed of success’ is sown in the early stage of life which later on becomes a ‘tree of desire’. Every tree stops growing after a certain period but what about ‘our desire’? Does our desire really stop? If our desire stops growing, then that means we are satisfied and, according to Mr. Bernard, that is the end of life. This contradicts whatever we have been taught in our school days. Isn’t it?

Actually our teacher never taught us the wrong things; instead we interpret their words in our life in a wrong way. Mr. Bernard never used the word ‘success’ or ‘growth’ in his sayings, he used ‘reason for living’ and ‘satisfaction.’ There is a major difference between these 2 ‘S’ (success and satisfaction). But we haven’t understood the difference and have mixed them both. This is very true that in this competitive stage of world ‘we the youth’ are unsatisfied although we have a decent job, earning a handsome salary.

The hunger to have more is increasing day by day. Today the youth is in a hurry to push him ahead with life. The a few youth work to achieve professional excellence; instead many people work to achieve something which they are not sure about. But the question is; when will our desire really saturate? Is the nature of the job only responsible for our dissatisfaction or is it the lust to achieve maximum in the shortest possible duration? I think they are not the only reason. Let us explore the other side of the reason of dissatisfaction.

Many of us are dissatisfied because we choose our career based on other people’s expectations. We often take the job which is relatively lucrative and prestigious to satisfy our family members and friends. We boast that we are more satisfied than many other people. We upload the snaps of our office, our colleague, etc on Facebook and tag our friends to show that everything in life is going smoothly and we are very happy with it. But are we really happy? No, I don’t think so. Instead we are claiming that we are happy.

We always live the life according to our parents, friends, society etc. We never dare to live our dream. We never fought to achieve our goal. We always find the shortcuts to success .For us success is not the achievement of our goal, instead it is the success as perceived by other people .Success is not the inner satisfaction, it is the satisfaction of people around us which come in the form of their praise. As a result of this, our goals and dreams nowadays, are losing  their value to other’s expectations and so it’s obvious that we get into a stage that left us unhappy.

‘Everything is not our career.’ By this I want to say that nowadays we are losing our identity emotions etc. If asked who you are, we say either junior manager, or assistant manager, or system analyst, so on and so forth. The Brand of the employer has become the only identification of ours. How did this become our way of thinking? ; We don’t know. Can I ask a question: When was the last time when you really laugh crazily? This answer is quite difficult because even we don’t know when do we really laugh crazily. As RICHARD J.FOSTER writes in Celebration of discipline:  “Modern men and women have become so mechanized that we have snuffed out nearly all experiences of spontaneous joy”. We have lost the spontaneity of joy. Actually we all demand this from our life but it doesn’t happen .As a result we blame our job and become dissatisfied.

We don’t keep the basics right .We always give importance to money and success and think the people associated with us will be happy. But eventually this doesn’t happen. We have to share our time, our feelings with our peers’ .We have to devote few moments listening our parents and friends. We have to learn to manage our stress. We are social and we have to be. If we get to know ourselves, our goal, our activities it would be very easy for us to choose the job .Jobs are never good or bad, it depends on our mentality how we take it. We should never go with the mob rather we should find our strength and motive and then enjoy our work. This will really give us a lot of satisfaction.

Always remember jobs are never satisfying, it is ‘we’ who have to satisfy with the job. So explore yourself.

This article has been authored by Achintya and Manish Kumar from Xavier Institute of Management ,Bhubaneswar


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