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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 02, 2012

“When entire family members are not happy, then it is not considered to be a happy home”.

In today’s competitive business environment, employee engagement is the key ingredients for survival in the war of talents. Gen Y’s Employee's Engagement not only depends on work but also attitude of subordinates, peers and environment in the organization. Highly engaged doesn’t hesitate to respond to “YES”. This “YES” goers are very few in numbers whereas “NO” goers that are disengaged people are increasing day by day. People are reluctant to commit and are unhappy with their respective jobs.

Question rises with Generation Y:

  • Why are people afraid of saying “yes” and committing themselves to organizational needs??
  • Why is there fear of engagement in business?
  • Why isn’t a person involve with their work?

It is very important in today’s world to motivate employees. There is need of Involvement from every employee in this changing economy etc. engage the Yes, to assess and inspire the No’s is the engagement process and is the need of the hour. It is very important to engage disengaged people we often forget, but it is equally important to maintain the inspiration and motivation level of engaged employees. Shifting of mindset among gen y is now abrupt in nature, so it is very crucial for the organization to understand employees and its needs to safeguard from the war of talent.

We talk about attrition rate increasing; we talk about career development, we talks about accepting challenge in an organization. All this comes under one umbrella, i.e. employee engagement. Few people term it as buzz while some see to this as serious business. Companies like Accenture believes on Recognition and rewards must be linked to job and business performance, Infosys Social Edge Employee Engagement Platform improves workforce productivity and efficiency, Tata group believes in to engage and inspire etc..Many companies are coming out with Fun@work so that employees are comfortable and ease while they work.

To retain and maintain its talent among gen y is very essential in an organization as Generation Y’s believes  on a ‘better deal for them’ that in turn act as a catalyst Below discussed is a building block for the engaged as well as disengaged employees.

Understanding Gen y is difficult or people term it in different sense. Model that depicts best way to increase Gen y’s employee engagement in an organization is by culture engagement. What is this culture of employee engagement? This is nothing but a shared system where practices, ethos and system.


It is very important that we communicate up on a certain basis. Two way communications not only help to understand the concern but also speeds up to improvement.

Career Development

Engagement comes when organization not only understand every individual career track and the necessary steps to motivate for better growth

Understanding Role of Success

It is very important for one to understand what the competencies are, capacities that an organization needs to grow and that would in turn help to upgrade skills in near future.


A simple pat is enough to boost employee morale. Employees not only feel that they are wanted but this makes them to work better in future with confidence.

The 4 factors makes culture of engagement , that in turns forms employee engagement thereby increasing sales growth ,customer engagement, profitability and efficiency. It is very important for every individual to dwell a sense of commitment in themselves and also organization to understand the employee’s needs which in turn would make a happy go lucky organization.

It is very vital for employees to understand business from organization point of perspective and sincerely commit themselves which not only provide them career growth but also create a opportunity in business.



  Connection to the strategy:

Understanding and connection to the organization

  Engagement with performance:

Productivity optimization and performances

  Engagement with the customer:

Customer centric

With changing times, mindset and work environment have taken a front seat. You can no longer boss on your employees in this vast ocean of opportunity. Generation Y’s are no longer tied to some boundaries or organization , all they need is work in a flexible and respectful environment .By understanding and focussing on this vital information can enhance and leverage tough times to improve and built better competency, improve efficiencies and promote good work culture. This would also mean employers to cater for the emotional, physical, and financial health of employees.

This article has been authored by Moumita Choudhury from NMIMS.

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