A Cubbyhole Of Managers

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 19, 2012

The world is now a global village, they say.  The recent recession has cemented this fact for the business world. The army of Countries, like the domino chips, stumbled blindly on each other leading to a domino effect. Soon it was followed by finger pointing that left many dubious. But with no incertitude, one can say the managers at every level failed in their duties. Team leader, team player, problem solver, integrity, motivator and the illimitable characteristics of The Manager goes on. So, could there be this one individual who has all these features, all these ingredients, in the right proportions, to form the perfect concussion. What does it take to make this irreplaceable being?

Primordial trait:

Proving Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, humans have managed to cheat time and exist for a period of more than 3 million years, while their counterparts have become extinct. As social animals we have the acumen to comprehend a large array of things and make decisions according to our needs. This process differentiates each one us from the current, one billion population.

Would you agree that at every stage in our lives we are managers? Some are risk takers and some safe players. Entering the world with a loud burst of tears, the infant, ‘manages’ to get nourishment. Every manager has his/her own way of achieving the objective. Clearly, there is no right or wrong way but a mere requirement of dynamism and being adaptable. As we live through the stages of hot-blood to the dependent senile individual,our role as a manager modifies according to needs and situations. We mature and then stability settles in, vacating creativity.

A family of four with two off springs makes a perfect cubbyhole. At different stages in life each playing his/her role, displaying his/her style to achieve individual satisfaction but working collectively towards the common objective of happiness,personifies a business organization. The chieftain of the cubby hole, the patriarch sets the structure in the organization and rightly takes on the role of a proprietor and finance manager. As the proprietor, the memorandums and laws are laid down following the objective. He makes clear distinctions between the long term and short term goals. Along with earnings for the family he makes decisions regarding fund management.

He decides the source of funds after intense calculations and planning. Investments and savings take priority here because he is futuristic and pans out the various venues to park his funds. He deals with creditors, debtors and draws budgets and plans for a smooth sail. Decisions to make are several but he doesn’t forget his responsibility towards the society that structured him. He educates a girl thus educating her family. Shouldering an important responsibility of keeping the family afloat, the father is a manager.

Java, C++, encryptions, decoding, systems and computers are all on the finger tips. Adroit with all the applications, the stripling male heir is the stalwart. While this hot blood teenager is dealing with life’s natural phase of innumerable questioning, he effortlessly balances and contributes towards achieving the common objective. He manages to recover all technical glitches in no time. He ensures that the cubbyhole is technically updated and that all the resources are efficiently used. With complete knowledge about various market offerings, he makes clear buy/ sell decisions without any hassle.

He charts down procedures, plans and suggests plant layout in the kitchen for the mother’s efficient functioning in her repository. The decorum and maintenance of the rest of the billet also receives full attention.  His keen and observant eye helps in strategic planning, successfully hewing the costs. With this manager the cubbyhole’s MIS and operations are all top notch.

The calculative revenue manager- daughter. While the whole family decides to go shopping she lays down the budget and makes sure everything goes according to plan, eliminating the burden of debt that might occur in the future. Learning and trying to understand life’s mysteries herself, she is surprisingly clear of her responsibilities towards her family. She assists the head by implementing the budgets that are laid down. It is her onus to check costs by setting cost and profit centres.

Plans are drawn to increase revenue of the family. She does a thorough market research to grab opportunities. The olympian’s dive and the sky rocketing share market is scrutinized to identify potential venues for investment. She is the face of the family. Representing the leader, she goes out and meets with dealers eloquently signing the right deals. As the left hand of the head honcho, the analysis for every decision is done by her and analytical and factual reports are drawn which help the CEO in making decisions.

The protector and the driving force in the family, mother not only assists the head in his responsibilities but also essays the role of a general manager. She works her way through things without shifting responsibility, by completely carrying the onus on her shoulders. A selfless individual puts down her personal objectives to rest and works unmitigated towards betterment. Budgets are laid and cash is dispersed. It’s now at the disposal of the mother to handle the finances within the budget. She has not undergone any skill set training to carry out this function. Yet she does it so precisely tallying her equations.

The boss doesn’t make direct contact with the employees. Once the human resource policies are laid down in consultation with the chieftain, the search for employing the right person for the right job begins. Once selected she single handedly trains them but it doesn’t stop there, she controls attrition levels, talks about incentives and bonuses making quick calculations. The unsung hero (heroine) pulls the strings and ensures that every individual welcomes dusk with a smile. Managing all this she never fails to plate up her preparation for the day, confirming that there is one person with all the right ingredients to be the Manager.

The world’s biggest firms are pulling all strings to make ends meet and to find the right manager with a magic wand to turn things around. But this cubbyhole that exists in every house is the perfect source for recruitment of managers. They may not have the education to support it and may be not even the green bills but they definitely have the experience and gumption to pull it off. It may be small scale but with blind folded yes anyone can find a bigger cubbyhole with more number of managers pulling off the same fete effortlessly with complete coordination and understanding. What can the bigwig business men take from this? It is not the funds, not the technology nor the market conditions. It starts from within and is as simple as creating their own cubbyhole in their organization to emerge victorious and stand tall on the podium.

So when an interviewer, to whom the law of diminishing marginal utility does not apply as with every question his utility doesn’t seem to reduce, questions about work experience I, as a fresher, can  proudly say that I have had twenty years of experience as a manager with complete loyalty to the organization.

This article has been authored by Kshama Adka from Goa Institute of Management.

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