Working In A Group – It’s Not WE, It’s ME!

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 09, 2012

A group is a collection of entities which behave and act as they come across each other. These entities are tangible in natures who respond to the intangible situations/ factors as time progresses.  In a heuristic world these entities could be considered as human beings. So working of humans together in a group is quiet a challenging tasks for them as they know their own nature and behavior but not of the others. So they need to be a bit thoughtful before reacting while working together in a group.


Generally while working together in a group, a human being thinks of it as the most knowledgeable and innocent person who knows that it is him/her only who can take the right decisions at the right moment for itself as well as for others. But this could be a too highly probabilistic view of itself. If one needs to perform the role of a decision maker in a group, then that person itself is the best one who can take decisions for it. No other person could be the best judge of yours. But in a more formal group, if one has given the responsibility of decision making, and then taking the view of each and every member of the group, the decision maker should take the decision. This would be beneficial for oneself as well as for the group. One has no right to make decisions for others without even asking them and hurting their sentiments. A group can work effectively only if the sentiments of each member are maintained and not hurt anyhow.

But as you move across time and look and feel the aura created by other members, there is a sense of frightening that how others would think of me, in case I not respond as they say so. This petrified feeling in oneself can shackle a person right from deep inside where his innovative and deep sensing creative ideas are taking birth. An idea just simply remains an idea only unless and until it gets implemented and once done; it takes itself in the form of invention or discovery.

Be it Einstein or Newton, or take any example of a great personality from the past, everyone has cared to spend a little more on their ideas. It simply means that their idea just not remained as an idea only but they worked a little extra on them and came out with flying colorful results, which the era has already observed. Even they people also must have worked against the flow of the working and operations of a group. So it is highly necessary for a group to understand the hidden talent of every individual and not to super impose their thoughts, experiences and ideologies on to others.

Building upon the same thoughts, I would like to mention the experience of our group while working together for this needful and unavoidable task, the so called project assignment of organizational behavior (OB) course II. As the course of term II began, we 59 students, the so called future managers, began another journey together to conquer the world of management education by our merely feeble knowledge of term I. In the initial days, it was felt as if we are a part of a larger group i.e. the whole IMI community, but later it was deeply realized by each one of us individual that it is I + M + I = I alone (i.e. every man for himself only!). Soon as half of the course was covered up in the class, we were assigned our OB groups (initially with only 4 members, but later with 5). As the size increased, we thought a bit of relief, as now we have another partner with us to share the burden of projects and group assignments.

Now before moving ahead, let me introduce you with the other 4members (myself Rohit) of the group –Ashwini, Prateek, Sanchit and Tarun (alphabetically!). Our name appears to be common but our thoughts are not. As soon as Prof. Rizvi assigned the group task to all of us, the same day we decided to sit in the evening and to share the work which we were supposed to do individually! We all met at 6 in the evening and jostled our mind for around 2 hours on how to go on further on the project task. Finally, we ended up in dividing some of the activities and sharing other activities which we had to do together – like visit to the chosen company Aon Hewitt.

We decided to conduct a meeting with an HR representative of this company on a Friday afternoon, as that was the only time when HR managers are not loaded with huge project work, being a sense of beginning of a week end time. We all went in Prateek’s car as he could bring it easily on that day as it was his father’s off. I am happy that there was no conflict in choosing a meeting point for our journey to begin with. We all agreed upon in coming to college and starting off from there itself. We spent about 45 minutes discussing with the HR manager. Thanks to his precious time and insightful knowledge in the area of Conflict Management. In the evening we all decided to drop a thanks giving e-mail to the manager. This seemed to be a trifling task but it was not so, as we the great minds of tomorrow need to build a thin professional relationship with today’s corporate people.

As the end of the term course was approaching and soon a deadline was given by Prof. Rizvi about submission of the project report, we all decided to meet up again and decided for the part of the report we would be completing. Thanks to the aura which was created around us during that precious moment, that today I am writing down this experience of mine of working together with other young eager minds. During the discussion, there was a bit of conflict amongst us in deciding about the date till which we all have to complete our individual parts.

It was decided by Mr. X (I would not name that person over here!) that we all need to submit our work before one week prior to the actual date of submission. Ah! That deadline also went as it is, as it is in the blood of every MBA student to stretch a task till the last moment. We finally had a group meeting 5 days before the actual submission date, and we all decided to change our mind set, as we are the whole sole future leaders who will run this country, keeping in mind of the time such that the train reaches its destination on time!It was a great moment for all of us as there was a new wind blowing from the opposite direction and that only made us to finish our work together just 4 days prior to the actual submission day. Ah! There was a lot to learn from the group and freely allow the group also to learn from you.

This article has been authored by Rohit Gupta from IMI Delhi.

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