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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 10, 2013

Just like the movie “X-Men” in which because of the mutation in human genes gives supernatural powers to normal human beings. Similarly the current generation of managers will be replaced by X-Managers who will be superior in almost all the aspects except experience.

Now, who is a Manager??

A manager is a person who gets the work done through other people in his/her team. Basically a manager performs the below mentioned functions:

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Directing
  • Controlling

In what ways will be the X-Managers outscore the current generation managers?

  • Timings

The current generation of managers usually follow 9-6 timings and expect the same to be followed by the team members. But then it is not always possible to follow those timings. Each employee has their own personal problems but these managers pay no heed to such explanations. A manager has problem with the timings of an employee in the below mentioned cases:

  • Employee comes on time and leaves on time.
  • Employee comes late but stays back late for compensation
  • Employee comes on time and stays back late

What is the employee supposed to do in such a case?

The main organisation policy that is being followed over here is that the employee should work for a minimum of 8 hrs, so why not give the employee his/her own choice of time slot.

I am sure X-Managers will understand this problem in a much better way because they themselves have been a victim of this policy.

  • Planning

The traditional approach followed by managers while planning is the top-down approach. The manager makes the plan usually without consulting the team and then passes on the plan to the team for execution. This approach usually leads to poor execution of the plan because the plan overburdens the employees.

X-Managers can provide a solution for this problem as well because this is what we as MBA students are being taught in our colleges. Hence X-Managers will surely make decisions in unison with the team.

  • Approval mechanism

The managers are vested with several powers and one of them is the power of approving leave, onsite travel, overtime-pay etc. This is one area where employees face the most humiliation. I once asked my project manager a leave of 7 days for my sister’s marriage and this is what I got as a reply, “I wouldn’t have given 7 days leave if it was your marriage, how can I give 7 days’ leave for your sister’s marriage”. What the does the manager expect me to do, plan my sister’s marriage according to his/her wish. These managers expect us to work round the clock and have thousand reasons to give for not approving a single day-off. Also the approval for onsite sometimes raises eyebrows and makes a person think “How can he/she be sent for onsite work”.

X-Managers will approve the leave looking at the reason a person is asking for leave instead of approving the leave based on project requirement. Also only deserved person will be sent to onsite purely based on performance and not because he/she is a stooge of the manager.

  • Time management

Who can manage time better? Is it the current generation managers or X-Managers? I think X-Managers will win this argument hands down. Come on did the current generation of managers face a scenario where they had Facebook, KBC, Big boss, a plethora of media shows and finally a girlfriend or boyfriend. Today’s youngsters who in future will be X-Managers are able to manage time for their studies amidst these many distractions and one of the main distraction is a girlfriend for boys and vice versa. But still they find a way out to give time to each of these activities.

Hence considering the way X-Managers manage the activities in the limited time they have they clearly can manage time in a much better way than the current generation of managers

  • Evaluation

The appraisal rating process handled by the manager is one of the toughest jobs. It is here where employees are not happy with the ratings given by their managers. And the ratings given by the current generation managers are highly attributed to favouritism. The appraisal process is not at all transparent and the justification given by the managers for the low ratings are just absurd. Usually the deserving employee is given low ratings and this demotivates the employee like anything.

Because X-managers also have been a victim of these unfair means they will surely try to bring a transparency in the appraisal process and make this process more of collaborative wherein the suggestions of team members are also considered.

  • Fun loving

The current generation managers are so much work-oriented people and always give fun-events a skip and they expect their team also to be fully concentrated towards work. The employees can’t talk with each other during office hours, the employees can’t take long coffee breaks, need to give constant status updates and a series of other rules that are to be followed. All these make the work of employees so monotonous. Moreover managers interact with you in a way showing that he/she is a person who is supposed to be feared and respected.

X-Managers will make the work environment wherein each employee will be encouraged to take part in fun events. This will surely motivate the employees in a great way. Also X-Managers will interact with the team more like friends.

But yes then exceptions will always be there. Because this way of working has been passed on from generation to generations and has been claimed as the best way of working. But X-Managers will act as path-breakers and setup a new style of working and which will be employee friendly. So please get ready for the next generation managers “X-MANAGERS

This article has been authored by Allen Kenny from Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology.

Views expressed in the article are personal. The articles are for educational & academic purpose only, and have been uploaded by the MBA Skool Team.

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