Information and Creativity - Symbiosis for solutions

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 04, 2011

People are always on the lookout for simple solutions to their problems. For any issue which hampers the progress of a business or an individual, they first approach people or consultants who can give them a realistic solution or can show them the way by giving guidance. Thus getting quality information is always beneficial for a person in not only solving an existing problem but in also planning for the future. But is just information sufficient? Information is an essential component of solving a problem but another aspect which is also critically important is creativity. And thus, information and creativity have to work by forming a symbiosis in evaluating, analyzing issues.


Information vs Creativity

People believe that if they are provided sufficient information with competent analysis along with logical reasoning ability, then there is no need for creativity. They believe that information alone is sufficient to tackle a problem or start something different. But this is not the case as information which is useful for a set of parameters or a particular solution, might not necessarily facilitate for another set of parameters.


It is true that there is no replacement for quality information. Thinking and guessing are not a substitute to information as only quality knowledge forms the backbone of any solution, leaving lesser room for ambiguity. If a person gets quality information for a particular situation, then thinking for newer solutions becomes less. But chances that an organization or an individual might get the perfect set of information, despite having the best knowledge management, are low. There is a strong belief that with more and more knowledge and information, the need for creativity is reduced.


However, on the contrary, the more the information, the more is the amount of creativity required. This is because creativity would help in making sense of all the information that is available at a person's disposal. Information can fill the gap of 'analytical thinking' but creativity is essential to understand the proper use of this information which would be beneficial.


Creativity is essential to construct a hypothesis, speculation or a framework to make the best use of the information available. If there is no creativity, then people only use standard concepts, which cannot be a perfect solution. It might be possible that a particular solution solves all problems in a particular scenario but in a similar situation might not work at all. Hence, creativity opens up the horizons as it leads to people thinking about different perspectives in analyzing a situation.


The relation between information and creativity is critical in every field and not just solving problems. In advertising, information about products and services is provided by the marketing campaigns, but it is the creativity in which it’s portrayed is what leaves the mark in the mind of the consumer. If sales are plummeting, then information can only help in understanding and evaluating the reasons and possible solutions. But it would be creativity in the solution, which would take into account current scenario, forecasts and customer needs, which would solve the issues.


Businesses need to have a holistic view of everything that is happening in the industry. They need to have information which would help then realize their place in the competitive market. But simply analyzing data and information would not generate new ideas. If a company is actually seeking out of the box solutions, then the information available has to be used along with creativity.

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