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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 06, 2013

In this fierce competitive world, with technology impacting our lives everything seems to have computerized. You can hardly afford to neglect your online brand. It provides you an opportunity to market yourself in the corporate arena without your physical interaction. An impressive online profile can provide an edge over others during a job search. However, if you are on the other side of the coin then your reputation gets impaired. In fact, it might kill your chances for your dream job as well.

Before you submit your CV/resume to prospective/exiting employers, just go through your online profile. Sift out what your online inputs tells about you. What sort of online reputation you have, and what else you can do to improve it further?

Does the information that you are using in your profile match up with what you have online? Are you using the online brand fully to showcase your talents and achievements? The problem ought to be, If your answer is ‘No’, then better start working on it. To be the best emulate what the best do. To point out, there are several success stories achieved through a good strong online presence, and if you are neglecting, you are missing the plot somewhere.

Good online profile provides you with a great opportunity to enhance your image and provides better jobs in this competitive world. You can use your online brand name to expedite your job search.

Updating your profile on the web is indeed a good way to keep things on a move and someone will seek you. It attracts deserving people, it provides great publicity which obviously enhances your presence. In spite many a  advantage some people are indifferent and lazy to update their online profiles. Most of us must be having online profile but only 15-20% keep it updated. Even the online profiles at various social networking sites like facebook , twitter or Linkedin, ensure that the jobs, dates and educational information are fully updated so that it reflects the true of you, with particular reference to your personality. As you approach an employer over the web using your resume without correct information like, company names, job titles and incorrect dates, such approach is likely to turn against you, and may also damage your repute.

In the existing milieu, employers will certainly look at your name and credentials and will make an online search. Accordingly, use of your name becomes vital. In the light of this it is imperative that so use full name for all the online profiles that you wish to show to the employers and for the resume that you currently use.

Advertising a product is necessary in this era, in some form or the other you too are a brand. Therefore, use your online profile to show your talents, knowledge, skills and accomplishments to the employers. Include information that might interest them in your profile. Provide them with links to your websites, your blogs, publications or research papers that you might have successfully attempted. These will provide a good idea of your skills and accomplishments. You can link up pages to your social networking sites so that they put you on the higher side during online searches.

They say, ’it is good to different from the crowd’. You too must follow the adage to excel.  What can add up glitters to your online profile are the ‘recommendations’, these can do wonders for your reputation and can make you stand apart from the bunch of similar. Thus, enhancing your credibility in this competitive world; in this regard networking is a viable option. Use your social network to get some good recommendations from a good mix of professional contacts including managers, colleagues and even clients. Undoubtedly, recommendations from seniors, boss, high ranked superior and peers carry a huge weight. In other words, at times it can actually go in your favor.

You can use online communities that provide you with your relevant interest of your line. Join such communities, and use the knowledge they impart. Even you can follow people who are leaders or authorities of your field of interest. Doing this demonstrates your level of interest, attitude and enthusiasm and passion, and also increases your visibility to the people at top in that field.

Eventually, you can go to Google search, do search your name on the tab. You’ll notice the content relevant about you on the web. This content can stay there forever, and if you don’t wish something to be relevant there, or something that you did some time back in terms of few years and is tarnishing your image now, consider getting it removed. You can achieve this through changing your privacy settings. If not then increase your positive/good works or footprints so that negative ones get buried in the crowd. Correct managing, monitoring and updating your online reputation is not so difficult as it appears to be, provided you use authentic information and are careful about what you put on the online profile.

Just remember, your online brand is an extended form of your CV/resume. Most employers all over the world in the corporate world check out the candidates on the web even before calling them for an interview. Therefore, the significance is evident because your online profile is no way of lesser value than you yourself at an interview. In a nutshell, online profile merits as much attention as your CV or resume.

This article has been authored by Amber Vasudeo Behre And Rhythm Minhas from University of Petroleum Energy Studies, Dehradun

Views expressed in the article are personal. The articles are for educational & academic purpose only, and have been uploaded by the MBA Skool Team.

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