Internship During Your MBA, eh!

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on May 13, 2013

One of the most crucial phases for a student life is when he/she decides to take up an Internship during the MBA program. Many top B- Schools along with other prominent colleges of the country unarguably provide elevated opportunities for Internships. But there are even some students in that lot who kind of fail in that funneling process to acquire good Interning opportunities. Many of us are in the pro-longed impression that being a student of a top B school college or from top private university can easily get us a sparking Internship offer in hand. Eh! Think again. With the fading economy, even some of top pass outs are finding it difficult in positioning themselves in the market.

However, whoever gets through accomplishing a good internship prospect during its MBA programme undoubtedly lands with a good job offer. Most of the top notch industrialists and entrepreneurs believe that real world experience is the most soothing tunnel to reach towards a good job offer. And, Internship is that one word which can allow you to get that real world experience. By working during these 2 months period, one can actually enrich his knowledge and can create a sharper vision for the future goals. They are platforms which enable us to get the best of the corporate experience. So, when it comes to Internship one should be as aspiring as they are for their jobs after completion of MBA.

Internships are simply not about running errands for seniors all day and get them coffee or printouts for company’s collaterals. It’s just that some of us get that odd jobs and we land up doing much less than what we were accepting ourselves to do. Well, everyone doesn't fall that unfortunate; Internships on a larger space have much more to offer than what we just delimit in our minds. So, just stop thinking about what the odds of Internship are, and try rekindling its positives aspects that can reflect in our professional life in future. Internships call for all kinds of job, like you can get to assist in an ad agency for their new commercial or you can get your hands in research and analysis in some of MNC bank. Or, you may just land up product designing for a website. The opportunities are ample, it’s just that where you want to see yourself placed. Internships on its own give you enough reasons to work with a company for a while and draw a reasonable amount of stipend as well.

Quoting words of George Bush or Porky Pig, that's not all, folks. Here are some quite good enough reasons for which you should take your internship seriously and diligently.

Internships allow an individual to get hands on experience in a private or MNC office setting.  You can become an integral part of the organisation and also gain tremendous uplifting knowledge from the projects assigned to you. It bestows an opportunity to sharpen the quality of work. Soft skills like leadership and team work enhances even further while interning in an organisation. All the knowledge acquired in classroom practically falls in a much wider way in your office setting.

Interning in a company augments you with more self-confidence. And you, invariably come up to that boost level where you become competent enough to face this challenging world. In this whole process, remember what you learn in your first year MBA programme and implement your learning as and when required. An Internship helps you understand your strength areas and also facilitates you to identify your weakness. It’s wiser to take up internship in the field in which you later want to specialize as you imbibe a lot of learning about that particular field during your Internship tenure.

Colleges might just be an excellent place to understand the ever changing world. It’s a place where we certainly learn about work and its culture. But, an internship is an opportunity to use those qualities to the fullest with efficiency. An Internship during your MBA journey more or less prepares you with what’s next that this world has to offer you.

As aforementioned, Internships are platforms for you to improve your oral and written communication. You might just land up writing your first official mail through your Microsoft outlook during your internship. Your skills as a whole improve as most of us have stage fear or are just not comfortable in interacting with new people around.  Your communication skills eventually perk up because you might land up meeting new people from all spheres of life. An Internship is an imperative occasion in a student’s life. Your internship may ask you for all sorts of Interaction and communication. In this whole process, you may end up meeting lawyers, officers, other senior employees, designers, chartered accountants and even other interns. Each person might be able to enhance your personality with their share of knowledge. This kind of interaction with people will help you to know more about the real world experiences faster than anything.

Internships can also be quite a good break from your classes, assignments, and tests. They are the path breaking opportunities where you actually start your career. Internship can be exciting! Grab them as a chance to work with the company full-time after the completion of your MBA programme.  Even if you don’t intend to work with that company after your masters, you can think of all the networking you can do and all of the contacts you can gather. Your networking can improve size-ably after an Internship programme. Your LinkedIn account can now have better networks after your successful completion of an Internship programme. Such opportunities can be a career builder.

So, take your Internship seriously and once you find it, hold on to it really tight and make the best of it. While in your internship, ensure to focus on acquiring an edge over the job market. Analyse your future on the basis of your Internship and accordingly embellish yourself with required skills. It’s a great way to also to add another feather in your hat in regards to your resume.

This Article has been authored by Shivang Gupta from IIM Indore.

Views expressed in the article are personal. The articles are for educational & academic purpose only, and have been uploaded by the MBA Skool Team.

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