Broken Career Dreams - The Way Forward

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 24, 2011

Every individual wants to succeed. Every person sets himself personal goals which they want themselves to achieve in their career. No matter what position they hold in the hierarchy, no matter which industry they work in, no matter how rich or poor they are, they set certain objectives which they feel they should attain. But the world is all about intense competition. In every field, be it sports, education, manufacturing, politics or even agriculture, individuals face plenty of hurdles. And when the progress of certain career dreams are halted abruptly, it causes a sense of insecurity and low self-confidence for that individual. However, every obstacle is nothing but a learning curve, and every individual must fight on in life.


Broken career dreams

The financial recession saw lots of people globally losing all their money within a few seconds. All their assets and life-savings were destroyed in a split second. A lot of people thought that this was the end of their careers, but they managed to fight it out and weather the storm to once again see day light. Similarly, poor farmers get severely affected by either droughts or flash floods, and their entire livelihood is destroyed. But it’s their faith and confidence which helps them to counter these adversities and move ahead. The growing careers of sportsmen are sometimes halted by serious accidents, which threatens to end their careers. But the will to fight and get back on the field, helps them take up their careers again and reach the pinnacles which they earlier dreamt of.


Often people who take an untried path, face more problems and challenges. Routine career paths are almost tried and tested, and people avoid making mistakes which their predecessors made. This is the reason, why more often than not entrepreneurs find it difficult to stand on their feet but when they do so, they become strong and stable. To believe in something in which everyone believes is belief but to believe in something in which nobody believes is confidence.


Losing positions in the organizational hierarchy, facing financial calamities, losing legal battles etc all take their toll on an individual. As a human, it is natural to feel hurt, depressed and low on self confidence. However, it doesn't mean the end of the road. If people expect and get the best in their careers like promotions and incentives, they should also be prepared to face the worst. No job or industry is without its share of hardships. And it is up to that individual how he tackles those challenges, and rises from the ashes. Every hurdle in career affects a person emotionally as well as mentally, but the challenge is to find an opportunity in adversity, rise to the occasion and fight to grab it. Every person who comes across a crisis my do a self-assessment and plan out things to get everything back on track. At times of difficulty, it’s easier said than done but it's something that needs to be done for gaining back self belief.


The world is an extremely competitive place. The dynamics of industries, businesses and even human resources are constantly changing, and would often spring up unexpected challenges. Even competition within the employees of a company lead to tremors in a person's career path, which often breaks their dreams. But the challenge is to wake up stronger, despite being hurt and bruised, and have the self confidence to rise again to succeed.

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