Recruitment : The Right Way ?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 12, 2013

Recruitment is an organizations foundation. Recruitment ensures that only the right fit is appointed for a newly vacant position. It is because of this primary reason that corporates are hiring the services of management consultants or vendors to lend the former a helping hand in the hiring process. In large organizations, recruitment is nothing short of a herculean task and it becomes rather imperative to collaborate with a consultancy service to provide the company with resumes to rally round with the recruitment process.

Management consultancies are, as is widely acknowledged, one of the many tools of recruiting. The other tools being:

• Internal recruitment
• Job portals
• Employee Referrals
• Campus recruitment.

So, the question here is “how to recruit the right way?” It is most unfortunate that there is a dearth of correct answers, with full proof results, available to this much discussed question. There has been a plethora of suggestions available on the internet, with many answers found to be a crestfallen repetition of its predecessor. It is for dismal times like these that the founders of management institutes came up with the brilliant idea of internship programs to be a part of a two-year MBA program, so that a student can get hands on experience juxtaposed with the theoretical knowledge imbibed in college.

I got the opportunity to work in Alchemist Limited on a recruitment project, which helped me to understand the Recruitment process in all its glory. In the six weeks that I spent in front of the monitor, scanning what looked like a thousand resumes a day from job portals, conducting phone interviews and lining up face-to-face interviews for short listed candidates, I was able to deduce the following, which in my humble opinion, is the right way to recruiting. Before I commence to elucidate upon my views, I would like to express that the opinions voiced are solely based on my experience working in Alchemist and is by no means an exhaustive list.

Brand Image- A recruiter is seen as a representative of the company, ergo, it is of utmost importance that he/she is able to deliver the image of the company to prospective candidates with as much clarity as possible. Known as Brand Positioning in Marketing, the recruiter has to position the brand name of the company in the mind of the prospective candidate, while explaining to the candidate about the company.

Job Description- A well written job description gives a good start for the hiring process. A job description should comprehensively explain what the job entails, the requisite skills and qualification, the hiring bracket, experience the company is looking for in prospective candidates, roles and responsibilities that the new vacancy holds. A good job description should reflect the organizations brand and is helpful for recruiters to search for candidates to fill the position.

Use of Social Media- With half of the population in the world linked to the internet, it is only prudent to expand the search to social media and look for opportunities. LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, Blogs and the like, are replete with job enthusiasts and though the aforesaid sites digress from the conventional tools of recruiting, with the spiraling of internet users and amplifications of tech savvy organizations, more and more organizations are looking to social media for hiring which is being blissfully retaliated by job seekers posting their resumes and professional qualification online, thereby galvanizing their professional lives to the scrutiny of organizations looking to fill vacant positions.

Query Solving – It is the duty of the recruiter to solve all the queries of the candidates pertaining to the job opening. Prospective candidates, who are treated with courtesy and patience, have gone ahead to refer the company to his friends to apply in the future should any vacancy crop up.

Patience and Perseverance- Those of us who have had the chance to work as a recruiter knows what a painstaking effort it is to close a position within a stipulated time-period. It pays well to keep a straight head while scanning the resumes and differentiating and discarding the hoax ones from the real. If a recruiter is well aware of the job description, he/she will be able to perform a better job and consequently create a pool of short listed candidates, out of which the management can select the right candidate.

The aforementioned list is an innocuous yet not comprehensive summation of what I have hitherto learned while working in Alchemist. My ability to gather a thorough experience was hindered by the brevity of time allotted for the completion of internship. However, having established for myself a foundation of a basic understanding of the recruitment process, I will be able to embark upon a journey of a full time recruiter after the completion of my MBA course.

The article has been authored by Monisha Kumar from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

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