Are HR tools capturing the right picture?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 22, 2013

I am sitting at my office desk without any work, and a mail keeps coming every hour “GOAL -SETTING is important”.

Basically goal setting is one of the many HR tools, which an employee has to fill periodically and get it approved from the project seniors. Later the tool is used to evaluate the employee. It seems to be a very good tool, but the only problem is, I don’t have a project. My bench manager says I will soon get a project when I have already been waiting for 10 months now. I tell the HR manager that I have no Goals to set, as I don’t have a project. HR manager without even listening tells me that why it is important to fill the goals, how will it help me in long term? And I think “I have no work, is it so difficult for her to understand”. The mail still keeps coming..... “GOAL -SETTING is important”.

And there I sit, filling the goal setting form. As instructed to 50 others like me, we have to submit a blank form, and my bench manager will automatically approve it. Blank goals leading to a vacuum in my heart, WHAT am I doing in a company which does not value its employees at all! The company uses all the HR tools available in the world, but failing to keep the employees motivated, happy and dedicated.

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“You got a project in banking sector” tells my manager. But sir we were told that being from electronics background I will get a project in the engineering sector. Manager smile at me and leaves. Frustration keeps building up, like a rage. You try to keep frustration out of your mind and hence go to the massive food court which offers you all the kinds of food you can imagine. You order your favourite dish and sit, killing time, and the trail of thoughts again start. At least my company has food courts, and all type of facilities like sports, gym, music area etc etc etc....! Next thought “am I living 1500 Kms away from my family just to enjoy the “Other” facilities given by the company”. Nothing makes sense. The company recruits us, makes us live in a city far away from our home and pays us for doing nothing. Thank God at least they gave me a project. I will work very hard, try for a foreign assignment, and hopes start building up.

I get to know it’s a maintenance project. My job: changing id and passwords of some executives in the client company whenever they want to. But I have to sit there all day to see if there are any queries raised. My “B.Tech Electronics” degree crashing down. Is this why I worked so hard in engineering? My frustration builds up again.

HR tools following me everywhere. Now, not only I have to fill “Goal Setting” but also a KT (Knowledge Transfer) form, another form regarding the processes I follow while doing my work. There is no end. I want to ask the company, “WHAT ABOUT ME?  What about some value addition for me?” Oh! I know my company has many internal training portals. I can anytime take the material online, learn and do the certifications. But Mr Manager nobody cares about these certifications. All HRs in every other company know how easily one can do these certifications. So there is no value addition to my skills neither to my resume. In fact I went for an interview to an MBA college “Yes I am trying my best to move out from here...its true!!” and the person at the document verification desk literally smiled at my star performer certificate. And when he saw my soft-skills training certificate he whispered something to his colleague. So please understand these certificates DON’T matter. In my “Bench” batch of 50, all of us had these certifications.

I thought HR department was to help the employees. But now I know it is to trap the employees leaving no choice to them. I don’t find any tools logical. I think the tools were made for a mutual value addition, and control between the employee and the company. I want to tell that whatever gains the company is making, it is not trickling down to us, neither in monitory terms nor in happiness or value addition. If this continues for a long time, people will keep getting frustrated and I don’t know what the company will extract from these frustrated minds of its employees. I request the HR department to make the tools more employee-benefitting and less mechanical. Human capital is the most important resource.

This article has been authored by Aparna Mathur from SCMHRD

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