Employer Branding- A Solution to Problem of Attrition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 17, 2014

Why the organization like Tata, Infosys, Allen & Co., Mattel ,Genentech ,South West Airlines, McDonalds, etc are always in the forefront to lure potential prospect to join them and try best to retain them -One complete answer is Employer Branding.

The art of managing people is different –You need not to trend the same fashion that other is following. Every Organization handles its peer in different way –it is like if organization was bottle of wine the flavor in each bottle is the way the organization has it employees from every aspect to perform the job. And the choice of flavors employee chooses to buy or even taste a sip totally depends on the perception of brand towards that particular wine.

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Above written metaphorical lines were to discuss further what actually is employer branding. From the Wikipedia direct, Employer brand, it denotes the organization reputation as an employer. Minchin ton (2005) defines employer brand as the image if your organization as a great place to work. It is concerned with enhancing your company’s employer brand. It has the conscious effort from vice versa the potential and the employer in terms of brand human resource and talent and marketing.

However, the employer branding has been defined as the sum of company’s effort to communicate to existing and prospective staff what makes it a desirable place to work and the active management of a company’s image as seen through the eyes of its associates and potential hires.

And when the two old school of management discipline united (Marketing and HR)-a new management term coined and is called Employer Branding.
It came to light during 1990’s and is quite young as compared to other management discipline. Marketing and Human Resource blends with each other to form an image called Employer Brand and the ways it stands to do the branding.
Human Resource Management can be considered as the catalyst engine that takes care of everything to get the job done efficiently and effectively to summon the objectives whereas Marketing is the process of communicating and trying to influence the respective.

Employer branding is the marketing opportunity for an organization highlighting the HR perspective of an organization–It is a combo offer, something like best buying deal to crack.

A simple example- TATA, Infosys, Apple, Amazon, eBay, Google, Reliance, Tesco,Kmart ,Wall Mart  is  a symbol of pride to be tagged as professional identity and to work with because they ‘live the brand’  when they join these companies and what does this companies do is that they use both their tools to market as well as lure and fetch the potential best prospective to be a part of their family. There by engaging employee loyalty and commitment to the brand organization because of the brand power it has with it.
Simply put- Marketing makes a proper slot and HR gives the best reason to stay committed to the organization. The obvious reason could be reputation, career offer and corporate culture
the words tells it all,’ the brand says it all and it sells’.

A dynamic and growth oriented organization requires effective management of people in a fast changing business environment. Organization only flourishes when it has the commitment and loyal efforts of Human Resource and nicely sorted marketing plans to seek growth. It is all about utilization, engagement and strategic positioning the human talent to meet the present as well as future needs.

HR covers the area like HR planning, Staffing(recruitment and selection),Compensation Management, Employee Benefits and Services ,Employee and Labor Relations ,Training and Development and Human Resource System
Marketing covers customer orientation, customer behavior, marketing research, marketing planning ,Buying behavior.
Each year company fears attrition hence they try best by walking in balanced pattern with the use of HR and Marketing to bear less loss.

Proving more of Employer Branding, how companies put themselves forward with best rooted company cultures and values to make a brand image in front of the  employees in and out. Companies like TATA the multi giant gets the vote of employee because of the programs it has like HR Revamp, Integrated HR system, Group HR systems, Leadership Development Program, ,Balanced Scorecard, Brock Bank Model, HR GURUKUL, Domestic Management Program and the theory they put into action is Potential assessment, Career Development, Remuneration Policy, Career growth, Work levels and Performance Management.
Allen and Co. is an another beautiful example of   Investment bank of US who believes on people as profit centre. The employer believes on having forgoing long and lasting relationships with corporate leaders along with employees it holds. Almost all big B’s of US has transaction done with this firm. Mattel (World largest toy maker company) believes in unifying the workforce there by standardizing people development and looking ahead.
Genentech a leading biotechnology company believes on right values and culture, right people, right employee benefits.

South West Airlines also sticks with organization culture to shape HR practices, individual empowerment to individual processes. They always promote that having fun at work is great motivator ,Competitive advantage through people believing on fact that work is important even if kept light and people makes difference they are important. The whole process of recruiting is different –they prefer unskilled person with a good attitude because skill can be filled up but attitude only can stings. Even for training they have different sets (The South West Airlines Shuffle, Graveyard Video, The spirit Weaver, The Up and Coming Leader, The Climb, The Front Line Forum) Most importantly  they always have a positive side.

McDonalds despite the McExploitation and its stand against Unionization –they were bright to summon Differential Wage Rate, Unsafe Working Conditions there by resulting to Poster Campaign, Research Studies to prove them right that  they favor for employees and deal with employees interest and benefits.

Infosys do not want to be ill with the selected employee so it takes its prospect to 14.5 weeks training so that they learn.

The point to be noted here is that above all companies put their best effort to reduce attrition and increase retention of employees with employer branding with perfect mix of Marketing and Human Resource.

In other words an organization  should always try to make a strong tapestry that employee weaves on to lose the fear of un –knitting the threads that makes a tapestry called Organization.

The article has been authored by Shruti Ghimire MBA, JNTU-K, GIET, AP


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