From CEO to Clerk: Roles played by an Entrepreneur

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 26, 2014

In a professional’s lifetime, atleast once comes a time where he or she feels that they would like to have their own venture or startup. Through their startup they would do the work of their own choice, set personal ambitious goals, lead a team of professionals, have fame and wealth. This is a human trait as each individual wants to prosper not only professionally but would also like to gain the respect and applause of the society. For becoming an entrepreneur it is essential to have a unique idea, determination, investment, opportunities and over and above that, time and patience. However, another major challenge in becoming a successful entrepreneur are the varied roles and responsibilities that an individual has to develop and perform. Broadly, an entrepreneur himself needs to sharpen his skills and expertise by #learning from experience.

For becoming a successful businessman, an individual must be prepared to do the work which varies from being the CEO to the marketing executive, from being the accountant to being the working class, from being the chairman to the receptionist!

The various roles and responsibilities which should be learnt by an individual to be successful as a startup are broadly discussed as below:

Accountant and Financial Officer:

The motive behind every business is to generate revenue and each money. Most of the startups are either bootstrapped and funded by one's pocket or are either started by taking a loan. Thus, money and investment is a critical resource in every startup. And thus, managing the finances, forecasting the expenditure, evaluating cash flows etc are some things which individuals must be ready to learn and develop as an entrepreneur.

Manufacturing and Operations:

Startups are usually driven by an individual or a very small team. Thus, it becomes critical to have an understanding of the role of an operations executive. Building on the service, understanding product quality and processes etc are certain activities that an entrepreneur must gain expertise on by #knowledge management.

Sales and Marketing executive:

One of the most critical roles which an individual must learn is to market his or her product or service. From doing a market research to understanding the customer to marketing the value propositions to selling the product by going on the field are some tasks which make a startup grow. Because creating a product or service is easy; selling the idea by convincing people is the challenge.

Human Resource Manager:

One of the most critical roles which an entrepreneur has to play is to have a small but effective team, who are equally focused, excited and effective in attaining the startups objective. If a startup has to grow, it has to ensure that it has a motivated team, which is ultimately the responsibility of the founder.

Receptionist and Public Relations:

Availability and easy accessibility to the customers is one of the most essential requirements for a startup. Thus, the role varying from an office receptionist who receives customer calls to making cold calls, have to be undertaken by entrepreneurs themselves.

Clerical and working staff:

With a small team, an entrepreneur has to perform the duties of the working staff as well. From handling the stationery to sending corporate couriers to maintaining daily records, all have to be performed by the entrepreneur himself.

Last, and by no means the least..

CEO and Chairman:

If an entrepreneur is successful able to perform the above mentioned roles and duties with full responsibility and effectively, by managing all the verticals of the business with #priority, then they automatically gain experience as the CEO.

A business startup is faced with numerous challenges when they enter into a market. Challenges like idea execution, creating awareness, acquiring customers, generating revenue etc are a part of the startup. But the main challenge which entrepreneurs face is to perform all the roles and duties from the CEO to a clerk themselves.

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