Medical Facilities for Employees - A Motivational Tool

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on January 27, 2014

Every employee wants the best of opportunities to see his or her career path grow. They set themselves certain personal as well as professional goals, and they expect that their organization would help them realize these goals. A good employee is always committed to his job and ensures that his efforts and deliverables benefit the company. However, the company also has to play a critical role in constantly keeping the employees motivated and showing that the company too cares for their employees and their families. And one such service which is provided by some top companies to ensure the well-being of their employees is medical facilities.

Good health is the most important thing for any individual, especially of his family. No amount of money or luxury or stardom can bring joy if a person is living an unhealthy life. Thus, having proper and regular medical care becomes critical is keeping a person motivated.

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The most respected organizations in the world provide medical and health facilities to their employees, so as to ensure their well being and good health. Companies have dedicated medical centers where full-time doctors and staff are available for regular check-ups and consultations. Every employee is given the basic medical check-up facilities and medication as per the diagnosis by the company doctors. And it’s not just the employees who are benefitted, but also their spouses, children and parents who can utilize the medical center facilities at subsidized rates.

Apart from existing employees, new joinees also have to undergo a full medical examination. This way the company officially has on record the minor ailments which a prospective employee has. In case it is found that an individual is medically unfit for a particular job requirement, then either their job profile is changed or their offer is revoked in extreme circumstances. This ensures that the company has the best healthy talent in the organization, which would be best suited to execute the job.

Companies also have a provision to take care of certain major medical expenses which occur if existing employees have to undergo major operations. Heart surgeries, cancer therapies, operations, accident insurance etc of the employees and their families are also undertaken by the medical policies of certain companies.

Companies having manufacturing plants are advised to have a medical center within the campus with doctors available round the clock considering the risky environment where the workers and management have to work. Accidents which happen while working on the machines can be immediately looked into and instant medication can be provided. Some companies also have tie-ups with certain hospitals in the vicinities where the employees can consult the doctors and undergo treatment on behalf of the company. This is one practice which benefits all the three i.e. the employees get good treatment, the hospitals get regular patients and the company saves on infrastructure costs.

Every company wants its employees to be loyal towards them and have a long committed relation which is trustworthy. This is the same which an employee also expects from the organization to which they give their sweat and blood. Salary incentives, bonuses, project completion parties etc are all a part of keeping the employees happy. But the one thing which is the most important and keeps the workforce committed and helps win their trust is giving them medical facilities so that they lead a happy and healthy life.

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