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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on March 04, 2014

With bombarded social media and splintered internet it is tough for Recruiters stay away from it. We the Millennial (Generation Y) are confident enough of being able to select the job and lifestyle the way they want because of the access and power of click which leads to many possibilities of answer .Yet we might end with a question, are we being retrospect and is our profile being stalked at professional level.

The answer could be a probable Yes in future coming days.

The synchronizing is one favorable example that comes handy in mind forget rest of mind blogging development that is happening around us at sky rocketed speed. Your Google Account is an easy example.

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Handy and fast changing user friendly apps /devices are making our life merry with just a click and then same time tough. Because only –a password to your id is not enough.

Digested is the fact of learning -educating with a click but there could be the possibility of being Selected by the Recruiters e.g., They are professional application which helps with the process -Recruitment and Selection.

Competitive world will eventually end up competitive employee hunt for best of talent. West part of the world has been doing this. For example, eBay conducting a Skype interview to hire soft ware geek from Asian Countries. Recruiting at right place with right moment and for right candidate at right time is important and ease is what everybody wants and internet -medias/social app gives this access. However, it does not mean that it won’t cost Recruiters toil and eyes of expertise.

Because deciding a decision is simple but living by the decision is tough one for both the parties the employees and the employer. Employees might relish on the idea of being tagged to some job and possibility that little spark that moment could be enough to get the job as Recruiters see the fill in the blanks in form of you but question comes what if the shoe neither fits the buyer nor the seller is happy with the sale. Result a loss to both.

The world being smart and trendy with resources at tip of their fingers is bringing both sides of coin-threat as well as opportunity. Are we might not genuinely be aware that we might be the choice or the first hand cut of recruiters choice.

Research now and then has been saying that recruiters are using the media’s that this generation is addicted to.

The idea here is to talk about the increasing importance on social profiles for recruiting.

A recent case studies have highlighted the major .West might be already to track the potential like a hawk But Indians can definitely think of it happening very soon, quite soon because expert on this field say that Indian population will jump from featured phone to smart phone –numbered 225 million- that is a clear sign that more access to social medias and internet. Use of Social Media for marketing by marketers is tradable trade, burrowing same theory, ready now are Recruiters. Recruiters have come to acknowledge to long ignoring the social media that those who are interested with the growth and opportunity to grow they are always looking for shop button to shop for career growth. Hence, this point is taken by the recruiters and favored all face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are considered where others are also available like blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr etc. Potentials having fire in them will be hovering around platform where they can display their genuine interest respective.

Examples are frequently seen with talent being squeezed with these source.

Yet the recruiters pour their 42% of their energy to see the contents what are potentials’ social life, profanity, grammar and familiar outburst of emotions have been in past days, they take as referral track id to see the progress in timeline. Within years there has been increment in the hiring from this social media. Quality of hiring on employing market is being tough, already is the software along with that manufacturing, retail and tech are going to be strong because of referral compensation. However, the trends are 78, 89, and 94 percent respectively over the years 2008-11-13 graphed a positive trend.

Multichannel social-media lead to multiplatform world with over showered work multi -purpose multiple candidate. The recent case study done by Yet, Recruiters had their take on social network(78%), Referrals(62%),Corporate Social Site(61%), Direct Sourcing(57%),Campus Recruiting(42%),Job Hoards(39%),Search Engine(37%), 3rd Party Recruiters firm(19%). The other mode of consideration was LinkedIn (94%), Twitter (55%), Google+ (18%), Face-book (65%),RSS (20%)and YouTube(15%).

However, the trends seems to be like they just track the post, volunteering or other social or corporate life, professional experience and the length of time of your past job as parameter to judge either it being positive ,negative or neutral.

Above mentioned are one part of the story of Recruitment and Selection can change the style simply in upcoming days. Being able to march along with the world comes on a realization that time to hire, quality of candidates, quantity and referrals along with their individual potential is must from both the parties who buys and sells jobs respectively with highlighting their core card of better benefits, flexible work hours with higher compensation. The core interest to live the job and grow with opportunity is must.

The smartness is how to use your smart apps on your smart devices because you can be any-day any-where lucky as Recruitment and Selection are marching this way. Let the secured yet transparency enabled settings on social media be the ignition factor of hundreds of Millennial.

This article has been submitted by Shruti Ghimire, JNTU-K, GIET, AP.


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