Two Faces Of HR In India

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on May 09, 2014

In a country like INDIA, we can see two different faces of working system called Private & Government (Public). Both sectors have their own working system and both sectors have different working norms as well. When we talk about a particular department called human resource, we can see totally different definition in both the sectors. HR department in government sector in INDIA is bit different than the real HR work profile. HR department in public sector is basically made to deal only with payrolls and other legal compliances.

Public sector HR does not includes jobs like training need identification, motivation tact, manpower planning etc. Rather Public sector HR concentrates only on traditional paper work of employee which includes pay rolls, pension scheme management, documentation etc. Before two decades there was no individual HR department in public/government sectors. After HR revolution when HR became the reason behind success of Private sector, Public/Government sectors introduce the HR department. But the main thing was not about adopting the HR but following the HR and it’s totally not done in Public sector. When we talk about HR in private sector in INDIA, we can find numbers of jobs done by HR like training and development, competency mapping, motivational activities, internal management system, employee engagement, grievance handling, staffing, legal compliances etc.

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Awesomeness of any organization shows the effectiveness of HR department in the organization. Multinational as well as Private Indian sectors are concern, HR department is playing an important and effective role. The working environment of both the sector shows the effectiveness of HR department. While on one side where private sectors show the satisfied customers, on other side public sectors have very much dissatisfied customer response. While public sector offices are full with queues of customers, on the other side private sector offices entertained satisfied customers with delights of effective service. This is simply result of HR functioning. A good recruitment and a best recruitment definitely make a big difference. We can see good recruitments in public/government sectors but best recruitments in private sectors.

The satisfaction level of both sector’s employees and customers show the clear difference between working of HR systems in both sectors. We can simply take an example of a private sector bank and public/government sector bank. At one side where public/government sector banks are full with long customer queues, the scenario is completely opposite in private sector banks where there is no queue or customer dissatisfaction. This is because of the effective manpower planning and recruitments by HR department. Another example can be taken of a public sector organization converting to privatisation. How total scenario of totally crowed and full with dissatisfaction feel amongst employees and customers change into totally satisfied, effective, motivational and productive environment. This is the matter of HR and working norms of HR. It is not that government sectors don’t have efficient work force but the matter is about motivation. Government sectors lack motivation in their employees. It is because in government sector they don’t have effective HR norms which take care about employee’s morale and boost them up. While in private sectors, they totally concentrate on employee’s morale booster by applying different HR techniques.

The only difference between public and private sectors is their HR departments. The care, attention and working norms are different in both sectors. Private HR sectors take care from recruitment to retirement while government sectors have their own boundaries concern to employee. It is not that all public/government sectors are inefficient or all the private sectors are having top HR. But compare to government/public sector, private sector perform better most of the time. Government sectors can be better with the help of good and effective HR department. Making a better HR department in government/public sector will give a good competition to private sectors, which ultimately gift a good and better world of service, employment and talent to society.

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