What's My Talent?

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on May 26, 2014

"What's My Talent?" the one question which has been haunting everyone of us right from our childhood... which has been the search of the life in everyone's life.... not everyone has been successful in this search, for most of us give it up at different levels in different times.

Even for the people who have all reached heights in their field by realizing their talents have not realized it all by themselves, for most of them required someone close to them to reassure or insist them as that is their talents.

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Very few dared to listen to their own instincts and believed it and followed it with all their courage and conviction. Of course that's the case for few of the very few, what happens with the majority or common people like us, then?

Some of us think "I am not too good at anything specifically, I am just an average/below average guy in whatever I do"

Some of us tend to think "I don't find any talents specifically lying within me, But I am good at doing almost whatever I do"

And some have a dilemma "I am good at doing this, but is this my talent?"

As human being, we often require proof for almost anything and everything, we tend to think "Only if I could win a National level or a State level competition then I would believe that it's my talent or else it's not."

And for most of the times we always have people around, discouraging us in the name of 'Caution' with very few valid and several invalid reasons, because they won't believe in one.

Now, For All who wants or thinks "I desperately want to do or achieve something really big in this world before I die", don't waste your time in understanding or realizing "what's My Talent". Different people have Different levels and Different ways of understanding this word.

All you need to do is, 'PURSUE YOUR INTEREST' at any point of time in your life. And this is the simple mantra for achieving something really big. And this is what every achiever in this world has done intentionally or unintentionally in their life. They pursued what interested them at that time.

"Dhoni was once a Goal Keeper, But now a Successful Cricketer"

And before start pursuing what interests you in your life, please ask the following questions to yourself,

Whether I am interested in it because of

(i) The Money it gives.

(ii) The Fame it provides.

(iii) The Scope in the prevailing and future Market.

(iv) The progress that I will make in my job.

(v) The current Family Situations.

If the answer is 'No' for everything, then you are all set to fly towards reaching the heights in the field you choose man. Whether you are 15 or 50 doesn't matter... Start Going!! Make the Difference.

"Stop searching for your talent and start pursuing your interest, Eventually you will find that it was your talent".

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