Education - A Key to Tourism Business

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 09, 2014
Tourists all over the world are looking to travel thousands of miles to reach a perfect destination so that they can forget their own worries and vacation at nice places simply to rejuvenate. Millions of tourists fly across the globe to thousands of locations thereby creating a world of opportunities for the local population to prosper in their business. The number of tourists coming to a popular destination is bound to increase which will create more competition amongst local businessmen. But one critical way of differentiating from competitors and standing out to create a warm customer experience is education.
For local businesses to strive especially in tourism locations, it is very important that the local businessmen, hotel staff, travel companies and tourist guides are well educated and have a basic and foremost understanding about the customer’s requirements.
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Some of the most important benefits of educating oneself to increase customer satisfaction are listed below.
1. Language and communication-
The biggest challenge that tourists face is understanding the local language. Tourists visiting places of their interest often find it disturbing if they visit places where there is a problem of languages. If the local business population is well verse with the basic globally accepted languages like English, then communication for tourists becomes easier. Also, if extra efforts are taken by local guides and businessmen, they can learn foreign languages depending upon the type of customers or tourists visit that place.
2. Etiquettes-
Tourists spend a lot of money visiting various places and are simple there to enjoy themselves. Every customer wants a special treatment so that they have an unforgettable experience. Thus, it is extremely important that tourist guides, chauffeurs, hotel staff etc are well trained in etiquettes, greeting them, showing courtesy by helping them etc, which would make the customer feel wanted and special.
3. Understanding customer needs and psychology-
Every individual is different from the other, and the purpose, attitude; lifestyle etc of visiting tourists is different. Some customers want to relax, some are jovial by nature, some are arrogant etc. Hence, it is very crucial that businessmen learn the art of understanding different customer behaviours, so that they can ensure the complete satisfaction of tourists.
4. Local cultural and historical knowledge-
People decide places they want to see basis the feedback of friends, families or by the sheer liking of a place. No matter how much they study or research, tourists love to get more in-depth knowledge and insights about the history, culture, current scenarios etc when they visit a particular place. Hence, the local business population is prepared and educated; they can serve the tourists well.
5. Better management-
Educated local businessmen can ensure better management of whatever business they are into, whether it is hospitality, restaurants, tours and travels or even tourist guides. They can ensure optimum usage of resources, better services, quick deliveries, process automations etc, which would only help in giving customers a grand stay.
Education is the backbone for any business. Tourist places emphasise a lot on the location population being educated. Globally, whenever a major global event happens, like a football world cup, Olympic games or any other event, it attracts people from all over the world. People visiting such events or even otherwise as tourists want to have a comfortable stay. And the only way in which the local population can strive is by being educated about the customer needs.

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