Post Resignation Notice Period - An Employee-Employer Perspective

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 15, 2014

Every employee looks for his or her interest in the job they are in. Their objective in a company is to see their career grow, earn a handsome salary and have a good work life balance. Similarly, every organisation also has an objective when it undertakes a full fledged recruitment process in order to hire employees who will best serve the position that are present in the company and would help their business prosper in the right direction. However, often it happens when an individual's career aspirations change or there is an change in work environment, employees often resign from their jobs for a better alternate career.

This sudden decision for any organisation comes as a major setback as it means that the organisation has so replace a valuable asset in the organisation with another candidate who can fulfil that requirement. Hence, there are certain things which an employee as well as an employer must consider when a particular candidate resigns from his or her profile.

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Employee Perspective-

Employees must play a very important part when they are about to resign from a profile. They must take the ownership of the company and look to serve the company notice period, which is usually two months.

In the notice period, the exiting employee must finish any pending work which is lying on their end. They must do this as their responsibility as well as a goodwill gesture for the company which has given so much learning as well as experience to them. In this case, any project which is currently underway must be looked into and all things with highest priority must be completed.

Exiting employees must also suggest from their friends or family a suitable candidate who can continue the responsibilities which was being carries out. The referred candidates can hence be interviewed and if found suitable can act as a replacement.

Outgoing employees must also ensure that they give a proper handover to the current team members and brief them about the work they had been handling. This is to ensure that when the employee leaves after serving the notice period, there is some one who can followup on the work previously done.

Company Perspective-

Once an employee decides to quit a profile in the organisation, the employer should initially try and convince the employee to reverse their decision. If the employee still decides to quit, the company must realise that the decision taken by the employee is for his or her career, and the company should respect the same.

The primary responsibility of the company must be to discuss with the exiting employee about the current work scenario and the things handled by him or her. Things of high importance must be completed as quickly as possible in consultation with the outgoing employee. This would ensure that even when the employee leaves, the company is aware of the current situation.

Another major task for any organisation is to ensure a suitable replacement for the candidate. The notice period must be utilised efficiently to conduct interviews and find people who can best take up the responsibilities. The company must also ensure that a proper handover is done so that the new joinee is comfortable with the work scenario.

Lastly, the company must ensure a smooth exit for the employee with proper exit processes in place so that employee can leave on a professional note. Exit interviews, payment adjustments, experience letters etc all must be carried out in a systematic manner. This would act as a goodwill gesture for the company and would help maintain cordial relations even after the employee quits.

Career decisions would always force employees to find the best possible work environment where they feel they have a good work profile and are payed well for their skills. This would often lead to employees quitting and switching to different companies. In such a scenario, employees and employers must make sure that the notice period serves a good enough time for both of them to end this relationship on a sound and professional note.

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