Connecting the Dots for Inclusive Growth

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 08, 2014

Empowering every single person of the society can be the simplest way to define Inclusive growth. For most of the last century the economic growth was fuelled by certain bitter truth, the abundance of natural resources was burned for the way to prosperity of few leading to climate change, we believed in consumption without consequency, those days are gone now. In 21st century supplies are running short and global demand is running high every day, climate change has also proved that the old model is more than obsolete, this model is the recipe for natural disaster, so how to create inclusive and sustainable growth in resource constraints environment, how to lift billions of people to prosperity, protecting planet and eco system that support economic growth.

Devising inclusive growth requires out of the box and revolutionary thinking and concrete action. It needs changes in life style, economic model, social organisations, and political life. We need to connect the dots between climate change and water, energy and food, youth and governance, rural and urban. Sustainable climate resilient green technology, clean energy , integrated participation of rural and urban ,cutting edge innovation, extension of green initiatives in developing world ,responsive and transparent governments ,quality healthcare for all , equitable distribution of resources and reduction in gender inequality can be a good recipe to reach the goal of inclusive growth. Economic Development which ensures justice to all and within the ecological frames is the desire of the day. There are few simple dots which need to be fixed and connected and I have tried those to understand how we can fix it.

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Women and Children: Many economists say that empowering women is directly proportional to empowering children. Inclusive growth could be explored and leveraged by integrating women into mainstream of the society across the planet. Equity for women will create a multiplier effect as they invest in their families and communities.

Creative leadership: For inclusive growth it is essential to have creative leaders. A leader who can transform himself from commander to coach, from manager to mentor, from directed 2 delegate, from one who demand the respect to one who facilitate the self respect, who is emotionally and rationally intelligent and who can bring in real and concrete change. A radical change in attitude is required in the minds of would be future leaders.

Bridging Rural- urban gap: Empower the majority and the human kind will be empowered. More than half of the world’s 7 billion population live in the rural areas and the hinterland. Deliver the Physical, Knowledge and electronic connectivity to them with effective mechanism and transparency and this will lead to economic connectivity. Rural people across the globe have some kind of traditional skill which needs to be nurtured in value added enterprise leading to an environment of empowerment.

Create Entrepreneurs: The rural empowerment will activate two types of entrepreneurs’ .The first one being Resource entrepreneur who will focus on natural, traditional and human resources with the help of modern management and technology .The second one will be a pool of Social entrepreneurs who will focus on improving human condition in terms of education, healthcare and improvement in standards of living. This league of entrepreneurs will help connect rural-towns-sub urban-urban and metros and will generate massive investment to usher sustainable economic activity.

Youth and Quality Education: Knowledge is the power in 21st century, so create a knowledge pool. Invest in education and empower the Youth, the best “natural resource” that is bestowed on human kind. Ensure that value based quality education is imparted from primary to every level which will create a humanistic base. Devise a proper policy for Young and reap the huge benefit of this demographic potential.

Integrate nations politically and economically: Devise a model to connect people and ideas to promote mutual understanding among the nations and sharing of knowledge which will enable creative thinking. Create a model of economic relationship and trade partnership which can generate the mutual growth and mutual employment for all the stakeholders. It will ensure sustainability and social stability. Identify the core competency of each nation and synergize their ability and expertise which will lead to economic advantage and inclusive development. Build a world of nations where there is equitable distribution of resources, where the governments are “transparent and sensitive”.

Save Ecology and ensure the pie of present and future: A tree left is worth more than a tree dead even if it is sold for commercial purpose. Sustaining biodiversity is to sustain the human kind and ensure the fair pie of the future generation which they deserve. Either save biodiversity and reduce the effects of climate change or vanish. This can be corroborated by a simple example, Children in certain parts of the world is facing the problem of malnutrition because of the fact that Hippos disappeared from that region. Now see the relation between Hippos and malnutrition. In some parts of Africa hippos are being profoundly hunted .Hippos disperse excreta and it is staple for fish .In those areas Fish holds a large chunk of food for children .Now no hippos therefore no staple for fish which leads to disappearance of fish as well as staple for children. So it is a collective responsibility of the mankind to save biodiversity, devise ways of water conservation and reduce desertification of the earth. Respect the mother earth who holds the power of life.

Promote Universal Brotherhood: Existing physical and virtual boundaries among nations creates animosity, however the nations, leaders and common man of the world should remember that birth in human race is only once and unique so live it with peace .This will lead to prosperity and will create a sense of mutual understanding and integration.

The goal of Inclusive Growth is attainable if we connect these dots. We just need to ensure holistic approach and sincere steps in the process. These crucial steps can be learnt from the game of Chess. Even though every piece (in chess) moves in different direction and have different powers, however they are abided by a common goal i.e. to save the King and conquer over unfavourable. No move in the game should be underestimated as even a Pawn’s move can ruin the game. Therefore taking lesson from chess we need cohesion and close coordination to secure the mutual welfare of the society.

This article has been authored by Sumeet Roykaran from National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management(MANAGE),Hyderabad


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