Bollywood & its Implication on Marketing Strategy

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 08, 2014

In current scenario movies are marketed extensively, gone are the days of silver jubilee and golden jubilee. The focus has shifted to how much can the film earn in its first week and the movie collection decreases drastically over the next few weeks. The most important challenge for a filmmaker in today's times is, how to attract the viewers to watch his film? How to increase the footfall in theaters?

100 crore film has become a benchmark for cinematic success now, and considered as an important yardstick for defining cinematic success .This has resulted due to the reduction in shelf life of movies, the numbers of screens have been increasing every year & so is the penetration of cinema. The rise of multiplex has also boosted new wave cinema wherein actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and directors like Anurag Kashyap have found instant stardom. The focus has now shifted in earning revenue as quickly and possible and recover the investments. The new source of revenue have also been music rights and satellite rights of the movie which provide additional revenue to the filmmaker.

The cost of satellite rights is dependent upon the buzz created by the movie, the stars present in the movie and the entire package offered to the viewers. However movie making is not an easy art, a movie has to engage viewers for at least two hours with the right mix of story, cinematography, action, emotions, music and dance. A director while making a movie has no prior knowledge of how the movie will eventually shape up, till the editing phase starts. On the editing table the movie is made more interesting for the viewers by editing uninteresting, repetitive parts. The final product is more crisp and entertaining than the original version.

The narrative of cinema is generally divided into three parts setup, confrontation and resolution. The primary audience for Bollywood movie is youth India has 40 % of population having an age of less than 25 years. The issue which concern primary audience are romantic movies (like Ashiqui) action movies (like Singham) and coming of age flick (like Wake up Sid). But some theme always remain relevant like the fight of good vs evil which has been running since last 6 decades in Indian cinema, and still finds many taker or love winning against all odds (Qayamat se qayamat Tak to Ram Leela) .

Hence the key learning for management professional is always stay relevant to your primary audience and find out new means of engaging them by providing them new content.

Trailer for a upcoming film is usually released long in advance of the actual release date, so as to generate interest about the movie or to "tease" the audience. Trailers are designed to re-invigorate interest in the release of the movie. Trailer of a movie provides information to a viewer about what to expect from the movie. The trailer should be honest to the movie, and the audience should exactly know what should they expect from the movie. Is the movie a romantic movie, a laugh riot or an out and out action movie. There should be no fancy claims and the movie should remain true to its core. Otherwise views generally complain of trailer being better than the movie and hence are disappointed with the final outcome and leads to a negative word of mouth publicity about the movie. In that case the opening collection of the movie in the first weekend might be high, but it reduces drastically.

The key learning from this is to make those promises that you can keep and do not exaggerate about the product features or benefit. We don't always need a revolutionary product to win over the customers, just have a differentiated offering by understanding the unmet need of consumer and provide a product which fulfills that need.

The marketing strategy for a movie should be a combination of all the marketing communication strategy, consisting of mass media television & Internet promo/ teaser, PR activities like article on entertainment section of newspapers/websites. Below the line activities like events, public relations are used to reaffirm credibility and create a buzz and positive feeling about the movie just before the release. Hritik instead of using reality shows for promoting his movie bang bang is using innovative methods like giving dares to others film stars and upload a video of their dare. This is a unique way and this self-generated content is appreciated by the target consumers (Youth).

Delivering the message across multiple platforms extends the reach and engages customers where the customers can create their own content share it with others.

When a person watches a movie, they are transcended to another world. Movies in India are consider an escape to a different world, a fancy world of fast cars, attractive women. Our movie does not need to be real at all the times, but rather a form of storytelling that is interesting and the viewers should feel for the central characters. If the hero dies at the end after an epic struggle with evil, we want the audience to feel sorry for him.

For a marketer who is trying to tell a story or create a narrative around their product, they must have the positive feelings of hope, optimism & happiness. The focus should be on how the product can change the life of consumer. A brand should try to become a true escape and an experience that is worth remembering for a long time.


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