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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 04, 2014

Content Marketing in layman’s term is the way by which the companies try to build up a brand image in the minds of the customers by presenting information of the products in different formats that includes blogs, e-books, product videos and photos showing detailed specifications. This technique is considered as a very important marketing strategy these days because it helps in attracting and retaining customers by consistently providing appropriate and useful information about the products to the buyers. This article talks about how content marketing has evolved as a “must-have” marketing strategy for the firms.

Content Marketing helps in bridging the gap between the customer and the product by delivering the required information to the customers. Most of the time our inbox gets flooded because of spams about irrelevant products and then there are times when we stumble onto a good piece of article or a video that clarifies all out doubts and provides us exactly the information which we wanted. This is what a good content marketing technique is that makes a buyer to stop, look and read it. The era of Content Marketing can be said to be started from 1895 when one of the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery company-John Deere came out with the customer magazine known as “The Furrow” that was launched for the betterment of the customers and the farmers. After this a series of initiatives in this field to improvise the content was taken up by different companies especially after the advent of Television and Internet. YouTube became the biggest platform for uploading product promotional videos whereas social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have official product website where customers’ queries and questions are answered.


These days 25-30% of the product promotion budget is spent on different content marketing ways like on building up an e-book that contains all the blogs written on the product since its launch so that the customer can read about the different characteristics or changing trends and improvements in that product. This e-book can be sent to the customers who are willing to seek information about that product. Another way can be to build a website that will consist of all the information in different formats like videos, articles, blogs, offers etc. To carry forward this type, a case-study on Colgate can be seen where the website gives the customer all the details of the teeth problems along with the solutions. It has started a service of providing information about oral and dental treatment to the people in form of guides, articles, products etc.

Another great example on content marketing is the “Content 20-20 advertising strategy” of Coca-Cola which aims in moving from creative excellence to content excellence. The reason for the shift is to create ideas that are very “contagious” and can suffice the business objectives, the brands and the consumer interests. This will be started with brand stories that will form into conversations and the consumers will be able to continue it by bringing their share of the story and experience onto the table. From these conversations, the companies will understand the zones they have to act on and make the product better leading to greater business and customer satisfaction.

The last case would be of Kraft Foods Group Inc. which is an American grocery manufacturing company. Kraft launched its website before the other companies were even aware of the term “Content Marketing”. Through the site people were able to access different recipes and information related to different food item through an e-book which can be ordered via mail.


Content Marketing is becoming more visual day by day. We see a lot of images in the posts on the blog sites which again act as a strategy to attract the customers. Infographics have also become very popular which basically graphical or pictorial representation of the information that basically intends to display very complex information in a simplistic manner. Another popular way of displaying content is usage of Podcasts. They are kind of episodic audio or video files that can be downloaded and played.

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