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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 20, 2011

Everybody and everything needs marketing to live and not just exist in this noisy world where each person and all companies are busy blowing their own trumpet. One cannot imagine grabbing attention and maintaining it if he is not using any marketing gimmicks consciously or subconsciously. Many famous people have used marketing to grab attention and make their existence and efforts note worthy.

Anna Hazare

Let me try to understand the involvement of marketing in recent Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption campaign. Let us see how Anna Hazare used 4Ps of marketing very efficiently to convey his message across and make it such a powerful message that entire country and even people in different countries got involved and interested. He used all the 4Ps very efficiently to make this campaign a successful one.

Product : Product of campaign was the Gandhian ideology, he used  khadi Gandhi Topi  written “I am Anna” as a tangible mascot for the campaign to increase people involvement. People were made integral part of this campaign. Many people were not aware about the jan lokpal bill, however they just started getting united because of the word corruption in it. Packaging of this idea was done nicely by involving famous public figure like Medha Patkar, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal etc. There was a need for such campaign because of so many scams, so this campaign fulfilled that need of the public. Use of this product was explained in simple language and this product seemed easy to use and had a value attached to it. Because of these product qualities this product was widely accepted.

Price: The timing of product launch was perfect (amid so many scams and corruption) so people were ready to pay premium price for this. However pricing was kept differential so affordability of this product never posed any problem. Poor people were ready to pay 5, 10, 15 Rs. for “I am Anna” Topi and rich people also paid high amount to contribute in their own way. So this product was affordable for all who wanted to participate. Value of this product was very well realized by the people as they have suffered a lot because of corruption. Other non monetary price paid were time, change of lifestyle, effort, psychological and legal risk.

Place : Anna Hazare began its indefinite fast on 5th April 2011 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for a stronger anti corruption bill. As the product was nice and message conveyed was very strong by keeping corruption as the basic point at the centre, soon it removed all spatial discrepancy and it spread across country. People started using it as they saw a strong commitment and message in it distribution happened on its own. People themselves became the carrier and distributor of the product. People registered themselves volunteers and started spreading the idea of fight against corruption, so distribution of this product was also not a problem and people involvement made it easier. It is also said that your product is successful when consumer starts spreading nice words about your product and become your unofficial brand ambassadors.

Promotion: All methods of communication and promotion were used be it ATL or BTL or door to door campaigning. All the methods were used to ensure the maximum coverage of this idea and which this product got easily. Viral marketing was used where people carried the message and made this idea popular by motivating others to fight for it too. People became the ambassador of this campaign and all types of marketing mix later followed from print to word of mouth advertisement. Nothing was left on its own to make this campaign a great success.

So, this campaign was very much successful because of its 4Ps resonated nicely and left a very strong message. Every activity of the campaign pointed towards the objective of the campaign which was “India Against Corruption” integrated communication was done in a plain and simple way which made this campaign a great winner.

This article has been authored by Piyush Singh from XIMB.

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