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Branding consists of the name, symbol, term, sign, design or any combination of these that identify the goods and services of one company and differentiate that from another. Branding is the visual voice of any particular company. Hence, it should be consistent in all forms of media to have a solid, recognizable voice. Any visual representation of any organization should in some way convey the branding of that firm. This does not mean that everything should be a carbon copy of the other elements. A photograph should be able to convey an image in the same “voice” as an art element or a video of that organization.

Branding goes much further than a trademark or a logo. It is a message or image or feeling that comes from everything belonging to that company. For example, a commercial of Cadbury’s presents itself in such a way that you can tell it’s a Cadbury commercial even before seeing the logo. Be it the choice of music or the style of presenting the advertisement or the content of commercial, everything resonates with the brand Cadbury corporate image.

Brand building requires determining what an organization is trying to convey and to whom. It may be a lifestyle, emotion or status. The key is to check everything against the message of the brand. This allows a lot of freedom in design styles as long as it supports the message of the brand.

The goal is to differentiate and to create a unique brand. The challenge is to hold that together in a unifying voice. Brand building plays an integral role in meeting this objective. There are several innovative ways of brand building which helps create a unique brand character:

Innovative Ways of Brand Building

1. Create First Time Experiences For Customers/Prospects

One of the good ways of innovative branding is to come up with new experiences to which the target customers for that particular organization connects to. British Airways had to raise the awareness of the fact that they provide a full-package holiday service as well as ensure that customers should explore this. To fulfill this requirement, it came up with “Picture Your Holiday”, a deceptively simple tool that helps steer you towards your ideal destination by encouraging you to compile a selection of images that evoke the climate, mood and type of experience you're looking for. This tool works across web, iPad, iPhone and more and has a distinctive concertina interface to present your curated imagery - which features across all aspects of the campaign, from print posters to interactive screens in shopping centers.

Such an innovative ways of engaging customers and make them aware of the products makes this a very innovative branding campaign.

On the similar note was the “Stay Rooted” campaign by L’Oreal Paris India. Consumers were encouraged to connect with their roots by taking the time out to thank and appreciate the people, things and places that have influenced them in their past. This campaign was in line with the hair fall reduction shampoo which L’Oreal Paris was trying to promote.

Likewise, Sprite came up with “Teen till I die” campaign to connect with the teens. This campaign created a platform where teens from all over the country could showcase their talent on the digital media. It tried to break the online-offline divide and help teens connect to the brand Sprite.

Again there was the “Songs for Sister” campaign launched by Cadbury Celebrations on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. In this campaign, a platform was created where in brothers could share messages for their sisters on the brand’s social media platforms and Cadbury turned that message into a song. The freshly created video songs were shared on widely social media. This campaign, which was first of its kind, helped engage thousands of brothers and sisters on the special occasion. It portrayed the image that Cadbury is a necessity for all ceremony be it New Year Eve or be it Christmas or be it Raksha Bandhan.

2. Create A Viral Campaign

One of the innovative ways of branding is to create a viral campaign which rapidly spreads on the internet or otherwise. Coka Cola has leveraged on such a way of branding their product for many years. If we see the campaign of Coke with the jingle “Umeed Wali Dhoop, Sunshine Wali Aasa”, the advertisement just shows that life is good. It only shows that positive things out number negative ones. And the campaign ends with the message that more number of people share coke than people who fight over trivial issues.

This campaign very subtly places coke in a very strong position without making the advertisement too conventional. Thousands of people shared and re-shared this campaign on social media making it a huge success for Coka Cola. The campaign came with the proposition that sharing is happiness and sharing coke is the easiest thing to do!

3. Initiate A Change In The Right Direction

Some organizations come up with innovative campaigns and products to create a mark of its’ own. For example, Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe campaign is an effort to create a better world for our future generations. Since 1990, Nike has turned 36,000 tons of scrap material into Nike Grind for use in more than 450,000 locations around the world.

Such innovative ways of creating a unique brand image helps many brands break the clutter. An environment friendly image as well as product innovation to keep the image intact helped Nike get a special place in the eyes of the prospective customers.

4. Guerilla Marketing

Another innovative way of quickly grabbing the attention of the customer is guerilla marketing. It is a way of advertising which uses a low-cost unconventional way to make a strong impact about a brand, in a surprising manner.

5. Build An Individual Brand Identity

Jingles, interesting tag lines or association of celebrities help build a brand identity to which people connect. Titan watches are the best example of how brand building can be innovatively done by a catchy jingle. The jingle of Titan watches, which has remained the same over years, has been successfully placed in the minds of the customers.

6. Rural Branding

In rural India, the branding rules are distinctly different. Not only the cultural landscapes are different but also the factors affecting the purchase decision are distinctly different. Price and value for money are the biggest things on the minds of a rural customer.

Rural branding calls for a greater component of local media and less of mass media. These markets already have existing specialized forums like temple festivals, melas, cinema halls where brand promotions are possible. Street theatre or road shows can be creative ways of increasing brand awareness while targeting rural prospects. Affordability, acceptability and awareness are the three critical aspects which brands need to take care in rural markets.

To take an example of Lifebuoy has a very strong presence in rural India. And this has been a cumulative effort over the years to create that strong a brand. So be it creating awareness amongst the rural people about the necessity of cleanliness or be it bringing out cheaper Rs. 5 packets for the rural market or introducing project Shakti, Lifebuoy has taken all steps to ensure that it becomes a household brand in rural India. Some strikingly innovative campaigns of lifebuoy were as follows:

The campaign “Lifebuoy se hath dhoye kya?” and the “Help a child reach 5” campaign were two such innovative ways of building the brand.

7. Engage In Communication With The Customers

With the advent of Social Media, it has been very essential for most brands to make the most use of it. Social media can help brands ensure accountability, transparency, quick & responsive customer communication, fun and simple engagement as well as social responsibility. It creates a platform to interact with a huge base of customers or prospects.

But just by posting a comment on social media doesn’t make much sense. Brand building would mean the company needs to ensure that there is an engaging communication with the customers so as to see that all queries are responded as quickly as possible. Posting quick replies as well as ensuring proper monitoring of emails help build customer trust on brands. At the same time, being unable to satisfy the queries of customers can be equally detrimental to the company’s brand image.

Websites like Digg and Reddit offer news like we’ve never seen before. The potential for stories to go popular is in the highest intensity we’ve ever seen. Internet addicted youths gets glued to these viral websites and spend hours on them. The attachment with this uniqueness becomes so strong that even a small change in feature can force many die-hard customers to leave the site. Since Digg’s release of v4 the community has suffered a great deal of losses. Functionality which was once available has been removed, and many die hard users have switched to Reddit.


Depending on the nature of the product or the target customer segment or the existing brand image of the organization, one of the above innovative branding strategies can be used by any organization to create a mark of its own.

This article has been authored by Pooja Punjabi from IIM Kozhikode


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